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Adam Beastley
CAW by Mariah

Date added: 6th December 2008
Viewed: 7418 times
Rating: 5.5/10 (30 votes)

Face Templates:Default
Hair: 4 Color:X:-100 Y:-100 Shade:-100
Mouth:Teeth:1 Color:X:99 Y:-100 Shade:22
Face Morphing:Default
Skin Tone:Default
Facial Hair:Template 3 Color:X:-100 Y:-100 Shade:98 Alpha:65
Piercings:20 right ear
Tattoos:101 right arm Color:black,25 left arm Color:black
1 left arm Color:black
Upper Body:Accessories:20 Color:default
Arm Wear:Arms/Wrists:21 Color:white right arm
Lower Body:Wrestling tights 1 Color:black
Wrestling tight designs:both legs 1 Color:white,both legs
133 Color:white,both legs 10 Color:white
Footwear:boots and shoes:1 Color:X:-100 Y:-100 Shade:55
Entrance Attire
(after doing this go back to ring attire to take hat,jacket,and glasses of so you dont wrestle in them)

Hat:25 Color:X:100 Y:-100 Shade:70
Jacket:15 Style:open Color:X:-13 Y:-100 Shade:25
Glasses:39 Color:black
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