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CAW by enigmaticcawmaker13

Date added: 20th February 2011
Viewed: 16244 times
Rating: 6.5/10 (21 votes)

Start with the default template.

Hair: 2 (Bold)
Eyes:9 Black

Height:1.88cm (Christopher Daniels's height according to Wikipedia)


Wrestling Attire: 18 Blue
Elbows:1 Default (Red)
Hands(gloves): 4 Red
Knee Pads: 5 Red
Boots/Shoes: 30 1st color blue,2nd color red

How to make the chest logo:

Design:102 Make it a bit big and place it in the middle of the chest.
Alphabet:Write SUICIDE with any font you like and place it on the X design on the chest.

How to make the mask:

Select the full face-neck mask.

Facepaint: 56 default color (white)
Facepaint: 103 black
Facepaint: 95 black
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