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Kurtis Stryker
CAW by Bullets

Date added: 9th January 2012
Viewed: 7857 times
Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes)


[Face Parts]

Face Morphing is all Default? it looks fine.



Body Type:

Body Morphing is all Default? it looks fine.

Body Height:6'1


[Tops]: 1/40 (-30,6-6 100,100)

[Armwear]: Gloves 8/16 (Black)

[Bottoms]: 17/42 (Black)

[Boots] 1/37 (Black)

Ok For his Shirt.use designs 103 and place these on stomach area and as big as you can get and make these go around the whole shirt. then place Design 92 And place on top of Design on Stomach. use Photo for Refernece.

[Body Acessories]: 8/17 [Black]

[Hats]:5/21 (Backwards Styled) (Black)


Name:Kurtis Stryker
HUD Name:Stryker
Nickname Placement:
Announcer Introduction:Curtis
Hometown:New York
Match Tactic:Clean
Match Speciality:Steel Cage
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