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John Cena (Custom Current)
Entrance by Vcooly7u8

Date added: 17th April 2009
Motion:Patriot or John Cena
Fireworks:Stage 12 (when he salutes)
Room Lightning:04
Camera:04 ( when he salutes)

Motion: Aerobics or John Cena
Room Lighting:04
Camera:06(if yo choose Aerobics

Ring in:
Motion: John Cena or Super Hero
Room Lighting 04

Ring:Lance Cade or John Cena
Room Lighting 04
Camera 04(when he raises his arms)
Music:John Cena
Movie:John Cena
Note: use Lance Cade if you want it too look like the 2009 version and use Camera 04 for it to be far away then return it to Camera 1.
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