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Zack Ryder (Early 2011 Woo Woo Woo)
CAW by mater711421

Date added: 19th July 2012
So hopefully people still play this game

Name: Zack Ryder
HUD: Ryder
Nickname: longisland iced z
Nickname placement : prefix
Announcer intro zachary
Hometown:long island new york
Weight: 203 lbs
Match tatic clean
Show raw
Voice: 3
Match specialty none

Hair 1 defalt
Eyes: 1 default
Eyebrows: default
Facial hair: none
Lips : default
Tones 1
Lashes 22
Teath :default

Head morphing 0,-5,0
Forehead -9, 0,0 ,0
Face morphing
Eyebrows -5,0,0,0
Eyes: default
Cheeks default
Mouth default
Jaw 0,0,0,0,-81,0
Ears: default
Skin aging: 15

Body type:0
Neck: 31,0,0
Chest default
Shoulders: 0,2,0
Abs: default
Waist: default
Arms: 2,0,0
Hands: default
Legs : 2,0,1
Feet: 2,-1,1

Skin fixed 2 not same as pic(92,0,-2)
Body hair none
Height 5,9"
Layers ps2
1Underwhear 28 default color
2Elbow pads 2 black
3Knee pads 14 purple
4Shoes 1
5Gloves 6 white
6-11 Put woo woo woo on his trunks
Psp layers
Same as ps2 just leave out 6-11
Moveset coming soon woo woo woo

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