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The Lil Old Man

Date added: 11th May 2009
Note this caw can be difficult to use with his moveset i use him but that is because i'm used to him but all the beginners i know can't win with him

Name: Frank
Hud Name: Old Man
Nickname: The Lil Old Man
Gender: Male
Weight class: Featherweight 100lbs
Match tactic: clean
Show: RAW
voice: 4
Specialty: None
Morphing: all default except skin aging 100
Body skin: 1/9 (91,-2,4)
Face skin: 1/13
Eyes: 2/8 (100,0,-19)
Eyebrows: 43/54 (88,-100,-100)
Eyelashes: 22/22 (-41,-100,-100)
Lips: 1/45 (96,2,-6)
Teeth: Default
Hair: 50/50
Underwear: default
Bottoms: 29/34 (86,-49,-11)
Clothes: 10/31 (88,69,19)
Jacket: 1/20
Shoes: 23/29
Fighting style: Grapple luchador
Advanced: aggeressive, all others are often
Signs: 20/22 don't read my sign, he forgot his sign
21/22 the referee is blind, i'm wth stupid
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