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Great Muta
CAW by A Perfect Murder

Formula by tjohnnyblue

Date added: 9th February 2009
Name The Great Muta
Hud Muta
Nickname Default
Placement None
Announcer Introduction The Beast
Hometown Parts Unknown
Weight Heavyweight
Match Tactic Dirty
Show Raw
Voice 3
Match Specialty None

Head and Face Morphing

Head -1,-14,-14
Forehead 0,-91,46,0

Eyebrows -100,100,24,100
Eyes 0,-27,-17,3,-4,-16,10
Nose 0,17,44,-12,15,-39,38,0
Cheeks -7,-39,-8,-3
Mouth 72,-38,-53,4,-11,-2,-71
Jaw -93,-30,10,-31,-39,-18
Ears 34,63,-40,90
Skin Aging 5

Body Type -8

Advanced Options

Neck -76,55,100
Chest -11,16,55
Shoulder -6,-42,12
Abdomen 4,13,33
Waist 38,37
Arms -17,10,9
Hands -10,2,1
Legs 24,2,6
Feet 0,7,34

Body Height 6 Ft. 0 In.


1.Body Skin (1) 89,0,0
2.Face Skin Tones (8)
3.Eyes (2) 100,-25,-12
4.Eyebrows Hacked: Men's Bottoms (29) -100,-6,-4
5.Eyelids Hacked: Hair (7) The Blond Hair Choice 77,-100,-61
6.Lips Hacked: Shoes (2) -100,-100,-67
7.Teeth (1) 46,44,5
8.Hair Hacked: Wrist Bands (1) -26,-100,-70,21
9.Body Hair Hacked: Wrist Bands (1) -100,-8,2,18
10.Underwear Hacked: Wrist Bands (1) -26,-100,-68,1
11.Face Paint (66) -21,-100,-46,100
12.Face Paint (56) 100,77,-2,100
13.Face Paint (113) 82,-100,-67,100
14. and 15. will cover each end of the black mouth area of the face paint. Both are Design (103) Largest Hor. 3rd Ver. -100,-18,41,94
16. and 17. will finish covering the black mouth area of paint. Both are Design (103) Rotate Once 3rd Hor. 3rd Ver. -100,-18,41,94
18. and 19. will be placed from the sides of each eye, slightly on the eyes, to the side of the head on each side. Both are Design (104) Rotate Once Right Eye Side Only 3rd Hor. 3rd Ver. -19,-100,-35,100
20.Make Up (60) 89,-100,-79,19
21.Make Up (49) 98,-100,-72,47
22.Make Up (32) 89,-100,-37,14
23. and 24. are centered an inch and a half apart going along the bottom of his jaw. Both are Design (98) Rotate Once Right Cheek Side Only 3rd Hor. Largest Ver. -19,-100,-43,100
25. and 26.Repeat the Last 2 Layers, but make the designs Largest Hor. 3rd Ver. instead and slightly touch each other at the bottom of the center of his chin.
27. and 28. are centered on each cheek in the red paint area.
27.Chinese Page (Right Cheek) Rotate 3 Times Largest Hor. Largest Ver. Default Black
28.Chinese Page (Left Cheek) Largest Hor. Largest Ver. Default Black
29. and 30. are placed on the side of his right leg, with the 2nd design placed on the 1st to make it appear thicker. Both are Design (30) Rotate Once Largest Hor. Largest Ver. -19,-100,-100,100
31.Leg Tattoo (Left Leg) (3) -18,-100,-48,100
32.Leg Tattoo (Left Leg) (22) -100,-17,38,100

A1 Fighting Style
1.Grapple 2.Luchador
Signs are your choice
Moves Aggressive, Whips Less, Taunts and Dives Often
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