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Chris Jericho (PSP, Attire Only)
CAW by yankeehater1096

Date added: 12th March 2008
Chris Jericho (Attire Only)

He's been wearing this lately, and its the best i could make with a psp. Im sure you you can make it better with a ps2.

(Must be in this order)
1. Underwear:3/28 (DEFAULT)
2. Mens Bottoms: Tights: 5/20 (-13,-78,-74,100,100)
3. Leg Tattoo: 8/160 (-100,-89,11,100)
4. Socks: 1/18 (-13,-100,-84,84,58)
5. Knee Pads: 15/15 (-13,-78,-74,100)
6. Shoes: 1/29 (DEFAULT)
7. Wristbands: 1/22 (-31,-100,-82,100,11)
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