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"The Saint" David Faith
CAW by Thr33X

Yes folks, here's my first non-diva/masked CAW for you all, David Faith aka The Saint, aka The Man of Miracles. He's a pure face, the kind of guy that girls love and guys would love to beat up in a jealous rage. I first made him in HCTP as a Kurt Angle/Charlie Haas clone, and he still retains that grounded, technical style with some effective submissions that focus primarily on the legs.
For those who like to ties opponents in knots, this one's for you.

"The Saint" David Faith by Thr33X

Name: David Faith
HUD: Faith
Nickname: The Saint
Nickname Placement: Prefix
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Gender: Male
Weightclass: Heavy (240 lbs.)
Tactics: Clean
Show: RAW
Voice: 1

Eyes: 0/-48/0/0/-34/0/-29
Nose: 0/61/0/0/0/0/0/0
Mouth: 44/0/-55/0/0/0/0
Jaw: 0/-36/17/-53/-55/28

Hair: 11 96/63/38
Eyes: 1 45/50/50
Eyebrows: 6 95/50/50/100

10) Underwear: 6, 1/45 43/0/0
11) ElbowPads-Left: 7, 1/45 40/55/20/100
12) Wristbands-Both: 2, 1/45 33/50/18/100/90
13) Arm Accessories-Both: 49 90/0/50/100
14) Tights: 1 , 1/45 37/0/50/100/0
15) Knee Pads-Both: 15, 1/45 43/0/73/100
16) Leg Paint: 9 33/50/50/100
17) Leg Paint: 156 35/50/50/100
18) Shoes: 1, 1/45 37/50/16
19) Torso-Tattoo/Logo-WWE-Back: 39 See help pic for sizing & placement 87/0/24/24

20) Belt: 3 32/50/50/100
21) Leg-Tattoo/Logo-Word-Left: 127 See help pic for sizing & placement 37/50/27/100
22) Repeat 21 for the right leg

AI Superstar: Kurt Angle
Crowd Signs: You Choose
Advanced: Clever, Often, Less, Often

Overall 94

Easy Creation: Kurt Angle (x3)

Auto Set to Charlie Haas then change the following
Ring In: Kurt Angle
Taunts: EG 2, Charlie Haas2, Edge3
Fighting Stance: Kurt Angle
Submission Grapple: Ankle Lock3, Snapmare & Necklock2, Guillotine3, Leg Lock2, Ground Headlock
Ground Grapple: Mounted Punching1 to Armbar1, Single Leg Crab1 to Clover Leaf
Corner Grapple: Dbl Underhook Suplex, Super Armbar Takedown, Armdrag7, Superplex1, Shoulder Thrust2, Running Knee Strike
Corner From Behind: TB Smash, Rebound Suplex, Rolling Powerbomb, Super BackSuplex, Toss Into Ringpost
Running Strikes: Clothesline 10 to 9
Finishers: Leg Lock3, Angle Slam2
Favorites: Angle Slam2 (The Miracle), Leg Lock3 (Sunrise Submission 5), German Suplex 8
Combo: Snap Jab (x2), Dbl Axe Handle2
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