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"The Monster" Dru Nedermeyer
CAW by Kaoz666

(note: if ya dun see it, leave it as DEFAULT)

Name: Dru Nedermeyer
HUD: Dru
Nickname: The Monster
Placement: Prefix
Intro: The Monster
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Weight: Super heavyweight (328 lbs.)
Tactics: Clean
Show: Any (I use smackdown...ICHIBAN!!!)
Voice: 3

head: 20,5,41,0
eyebrows: 60,21,0,27
eyes: -16,28,14,19,-42,0,35
nose: -29,44,29,-15,14,20,25,25
cheek: -23,-40.-40,-40,-42
mouth: 7,22,-55,-19,21,21,9
jaw: 44,20,32,-29,-16,37

hair: 32 (92,41,45,100)
eyes: 8 (100,86,41)
eyebrows: 4 (95,50,28,100)
facial hair: goatee 7 (95,41,30,64)
facial hair: other 15 (95,50,45,100)
lips: 7 (96,50,50)
face skin: 3

Body type: ripped -99 (time to build a monster...)

head: 11,6,3
neck: -79,49,48
chest: -5,38,54
shoulders: -62,73,22
abs: -18,25,12
waist: 29,36
arms: 64,74,43 (eat yer heart out steiner!!!)
Hands: 42,40,35
legs: 9,14,11
feet: 20,21,32

body skin: 8 (96,56,56)
height: 6\'5\"

Attire: (starting with the flash)
torso back: picture 96-lrgst H/ 2nd lrgst V (use pic for placement) 100,0,32,33
torso back: picture 96-lrgst H/ 2nd lrgst V, rotate 2x (overlap first design as seen in pic) 100,0,25,32
torso back: simple 101-lrgst H/ lrgst V, rotate 2x (place under combined upper design as shown) 38,0,26,32
torso front: simple 48- 2nd lrgst H/ lrgst V (place in center of chest) 0,68,22,35
torso front: letter chinese page1/70: top row 5th symbol- lrgst H/ 2nd lrgst V (to left of dragon as seen) 38,018,42
torso front: letter chinese page1/70: 3rd row down, 6th symbol- lrgst H/ 2nd lrgst V (to right of dragon as seen) 38,018.42
Left arm tat: picture 101- lrgst H/ lrgst V (should cover shoulder and upper bicept) 33,031,41
left arm tat: simple 20- lrgst H & V (center on forearm) 39,0,0,38
right arm paint: 134- 0,67,58,43
edit underwear: 2/1 100,57,31
wristbands: 1/1 (43,0,0,100,91)
arm accesories: 49 (90,50,0,100)
knee pads: 5/1 (43,50,0,100)
elbow pads: 2/1 (43,50,0,100)
shoes: 1/1 (43,50,0)
torso pattern: simple 20- lrgst H, 2nd sml. V (place on right hip of underwear) 39,0,100,100 (entrance and match ONLY)
torso pattern: picture 101- 2nd lrgst H/ 2nd sml. V (opposite hip as simple 20) 100,0,38,100 (entrance and match ONLY)
torso word: ?monster?- lrgst H/ 2nd sml. V (place so that picture 101 is centered underneath word) 100,0,76,100 (entrance and match ONLY)
pants: 14/1 (43,1,3,0) (cutscene ONLY)
L_hemeline: 68/1 (43,0,60,100) cutscene ONLY)

AI style: Batista
crows signs: FEAR THE MONSTERx2
advanced: Agressive, less, less, less



Standard actions:
ring in: jumping 1
ring out: one handstand ring out
taunts: wake up 2, taunt powerful 7, hold up 2, taunt powerful 8
stance: powerful

striking: outside cresent kick, toe kick 1, clothesline 2, outlaw punches 1, double axe handle 1, strong right punch

clean: arm drag 2, scoop slam 5, headlock take over, DDT 8,
dirty: triple H choke. Reverse atomic drop, low blow 3, eye poke 2, feint stomping
submission: hammerlock, snapmare & neck lock 2, headlock 4, bear hug 2, arm wrench 1
power: clothesline 23, chokeslam 8, suplex 3, body press drop fw, scoop slam 4 (Lift-off)
technical: northern lights suplex (best. Suplex. EVER. Aka B.S.E.), belly to belly 4, t-bone suplex 2, spinebuster 5, spinebuster 4 (Double A buster)
brawler: back club, headbutt 5, last call (wheelbarrel suplex), choke 3, powerful knee strike 2
attack: grapple punch 1, body attack 1,elbow strike 2

from behind: bulldog 2, back suplex 4, full nelson slam 2, super atomic drop, backbreaker 4, backbreaker 12, german suplex 5 (impact hammer-plex), belly to back 2, spin out PB, side effect 2

strikes: angry stomp, elbow drop 4, double axe handle 4
grapple: back suplex 9, russian neck drop, triangle hold, stf 1, leg lock 11, death lock with bridge (monsterlock)

strikes: TB clothesline1, TB clothesline 2, knee attack 1
grapple:flipping slam, clothesline 25, superplex 2, toss to turnbuckle, super last call, mudhole stomping 2
from behind: double axe handle 6, neckbreaker 13, super tornado bomb, rebound suplex, spider suplex (circa 1998)

groggy: slingshot suplex
rebound attack: kitchen sink, elbow drop 5, vaulting body press
diving: corkscrew body attack

standing: double axe handle 3, missle drop kick
down: diving moonsault 1, diving leg drop, near elbow drop

strikes: clothesline 12, clothesline 15
grapple: running STO, reverse mat slam
rear: bulldog 6, german suplex 6
ground: double axe handle 5, elbow drop 5
counter: powerslam 2, spinebuster 2 (n*gga please!!!), samoan drop 2

tag team:
standing: double beat head, double facebuster, double suplex, german suplex & STO, double flap jack
corner: kick to gut, backbreaker & leg drop, death device, dropkick 6, stungun and neck breaker

finisher: emerald fusion(The Tragedy),super neckbreaker pin (the catastrophe)
signature moves: cloethesline 23, spinebuster 4, body press drop fw
combo: triple H punch 2, triple H punch 2 (flip), clothesline 2

motion: Triple H
fireworks: Chris Masters
lighting: blue 5
cams: 3,4,4,2

motion: Big Show
fireworks: Batista
lighting: blue 5
name plate: ON

motion: Snitzky
lighting: blue 5
cams: 1,7,2,1

motion: Normal 2
lighting: blue 5
cams: 1,6,8,1

movie: logo
music: BGM 15
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