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"The Hell Cat" Hayley Jonas
CAW by Thr33X

*NOTE-Anything not listed, leave as Default

Name: Hayley Jonas
HUD Name: Hayley
Nickname: The Hellcat
Nickname Placement: Suffix
Announcer Intro: Hot Stuff
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Gender: Female (duh)
Weightclass: Diva (129 lbs.)
Fights Clean
Show: RAW

Head Morphing-
Nose: 0,91,0,-16,18,0,-22,34
Mouth: 34,12,-32,43,23,0,-29
Jaw: 66,0,20,-51,-38,28
Ear: -36,-32,-10

Head Morphing-Cont.-
Hair: 53/91 (94,50,67,100)
Eyes: 2/27 (42,50,50)
Eyebrows: 1/48 (93,50,50,100)
Lips: 1/35 (3,50,50,100)
Face Skin:1
Eyelids: 2/22 (93,50,50-I think that?s default, can?t remember)

Advanced: Legs: 31,2,0
Body Skin: 1 (Default)
Height: 5\'9

Layer 10: Underwear- Keep the default pair, make them black
11: Short Hemline: 35/43 (43,0,58,67)
12: Wristbands-Left: 1/20 (43,0,8,100,52)
13: Wristbands-Left: 1/20 (98,30,74,100,76) *This should match her skintone and create a black sweat band on her arm-see the Help Pic
14: Arm Accessories-Right: 18/50 (100,0,50,100)
15: Gloves: 9/18 (43,0,11)
16: Arm Accessories-Both: 33/50 (42,50,50,100)
17: Shoes: 1/47 (43,0,100)
18: Skirt: 36/41 (43,0,53)
19: Legs: Tattoos/Logos: Design: Left Leg: 1/162 Rotate 3 times and move down to ankle (see help pic) (40,18,0,44)
20: Belt: 11/29 (Default colors)
21: Short Hemline: 35/43 (43,0,14,100,73) *This should create a short black T with white trim on sleeves*
22: Torso: Body Paint: 49/58 (100,50,63,75) *This is the print on her shirt*
23: Arms: Tattoos/Logos: Picture: Left: 144/144 Keep default size and place over the sweatband as shown in the pic (Default color)

AI 1: Brawler
AI 2: Balanced
Crowd Signs: You Choose
Advanced: Agressive, Often, Often, Often

Overall 74

Stage: Motion-Heidenreich, Lighting-Blinker, Camera 12,2,2,2
Ramp: Motion-Lita, Lighting-Blinker, Nameplate ON, Camera 1(x4)
Ring In: Motion-Lita, Lighting-Blinker, Camera 2,2,1,1
Ring: Motion-Superstar 2, Lighting-Blinker, Camera 2,2,9,9
Finalize- Movie & Music-Lita

MOVESET-Just select them in the order you see them here
Standing Actions: Woman, Woman, Undertaker 1, Wake Up, Longhorn, Come On , Stacy Keibler, Normal, Woman

Strikes- Strong Right Punch, Toe Kick1, Clothesline 1, Outlaw Punch 1, Leg Lariat, Elbow Smash 1
Clean: Arm Wringer Flip, Small Package 1, Snapmare 2, Arm Drag 2, Headlock Takeover
Dirty: Eye Poke 1, Low Blow 5, Head Pound, Eye Poke 2, Reverse Atomic Drop
Submission: Armbar 1, Snapmare & Neck Lock 2, Sleeper Hold 1, Bearhug 2, Headlock 4
Speed: Nackbreaker 10, Jawbreaker 1, Free Fall Drop, Facecrusher 3, Kitchen Sink 2
Brawler: ?Taker Knee Drop, Outlaw Stomp 1(The Stiletto Stomp ), Back Club, Fury Punch 4, Mat Slam
Old School: Russian Leg Sweep 1, Scoop Slam 5, DDT 24, Backbreaker 1, Running Neckbreaker
Grapple Attack: Grapple Punch (x2), Grapple Elbow 1
Grapple From Behind-
DDT 18, Sleeper Hold 4, Sidewalk Slam 3, Elbow to Head 2, Forearm Smash, HHH Low Kick, Abdominal Stretch, Back Suplex 5, Spin Out Powerbomb, Bulldog 5

Strikes: Angry Stomp, Fist Drop 2, Elbow Drop 1
Grapples: Sleeper Hold 7, Dropkick 9, Elbow Drop 10, Leg Lock 6, Doug Leg Lock, Toss 2

Strikes-On The Top Rope, Running Shoulder 1, Knee Attack 1
Grapple-10 Punch, Body Strikes, Knee Strike, Superplex 1, Shoulder Strike 2, Mudhole Stomping
Behind Grapple- Tarantula, Toss To Post, Dropkick & Schoolboy Pin, Turnbuckle Smash, Super Back Suplex

Groggy- Slingshot
Rebound Attack- Clothesline 10, Running Knee Drop, Vaulting Body Press
Diving Out Of Ring: Rope Flip1

Standing Opp.- Diving Spear, Diving Neckbreaker
Downed Opp.- Knee Drop 1, Near Knee Drop, Diving Headbutt

Strike-Clothesline 8, Elbow Attack 4
Grapple- Neckbreaker 1, Lou Thesz Press
Rear Grapple- Bulldog 5, Chopblock
Ground Strike- Elbow Drop 1, Running Legdrop
Counter- Powerslam 1, Back Body Drop 1, Hip Toss

Double Team:
Standing- Double Beat Head, Dropkick & Rolling Clutch, Double Suplex, Double Clothesline, Double Dropkick
Corner- Kick to Gut 1, Whip & Lay Down, Front Slam, Double Arm Whip, Body Splash & Whip

Finisher- Stunner 1 (The No.1 Stunna ), High Angle Backbreaker (The Hi-Jack Breaker)
Signature: Strong Right Punch (The Hand Cannon), Spin Out Powerbomb (The Burnout), Diving Headbutt (The Amazing Flying Hayley)
Combo: Outlaw Punches 1 (x2), Outlaw Punches 2
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