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"The Brawler" Bobby Birchim
CAW by jaynumba4

Pics by Kempy

Bobby Birchim grew up on the tough streets of Detroit where at an early age he was exposed to drugs, guns, violence, and fighting, all of the tough things that happen on the streets. He got into drugs and trouble all the time and he was heading downhill fast. When he was only 13, him and his 3 buddies started a rock band called Aflux. They never became popular, but they did sing in bars in Detroit and a few local gimmicks. Once he became 16 and old enough to drive, him and his band went to a record company in New York to try to land a deal with a record company, but was unsuccessful. It hurt him so bad that he only worsened, he joined gangs, kept doing drugs, and because of this he ended up staying in New York because he blew all of his money on drugs so he could not travel home. It wasn\'t until a few months later Tazz found him lying in an alleyway doped up in the bad streets of Brooklyn that he started wrestling. Tazz had taken him in and started training him to be a wrestler to keep him off the streets, and Tazz helped him stop all his bad habits. He began going up through the ranks of Indy, using his street fighting type style, and got noticed by WTF, who then signed him. Now \"The Brawler\" Bobby Birchim has one thing on his mind, to destroy his competition and make his way to becoming the VWE champion.

Name: Bobby Birchim
HUD Name: Birchim
Nickname: The Brawler
Nickname Placement: Prefix
Announcer Introduction: The Brawler
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Weightclass: Heavyweight 240lbs.
Match Tactic: Dirty
Show: Raw
Voice: Voice-3

Head: -44,-22,-11,-32
Eyebrows: 47,31,-26,2
Eyes: -11,-22,28,35,10,46,35
Nose: 10,-42,23,-22,21,13,16,-18
Cheek: -33,-41,-4,-56
Mouth: -81,-51,0,-37,29,-12,51
Jaw: 74,-29,-36,-23,8,20
Ear: 0,-48,-58,13
Body Type Ripped <-> Thick: -7

Advanced Options
Head: -12,-7,-34
Neck: -21,-16,-22
Chest: -25,-12,-63
Shoulder: -19,-40,-79
Abdomen: 8,-32,-29
Waist: 5,0
Arms: -7,-11,-25
Hands: -1,-1,-1
Legs: -10,12,12
Feet: 18,2,-7
Body Skin: 2
Body Height: 6\'4

Morphing Continued
Hair: 16= 100,54,46
Eyes: 1= 92,50,42
Eyebrows: 6= 95,50,38,100
Face Skin: 6
Eyelids: DEFAULT & Teeth DEFAULT
Facial Hair Goatee: 5= 95,51,42,100
Facial Hair Face Other: 7= 95,51,41,100

Torso, Tattoo/logo, Back, Design: 4 2nd largest V largest H: 41,0,0,48
Torso, Costume: 13= 43,0,58,100,100
Arms, wristbands Both: 4= 43,0,100,100,88
Head Other glasses ent/cut scene only: 4= 33,0,39
Shoes: 2= 43,0,0
Arms Gloves: 8= 25,0,14
Legs, Pants: 48
Torso, Jackets Cutscene/ent only: 11= 43,0,17
Torso, Tattoo/Logo Design Back: 29 largest V & H= 38,0,51,100
Same as above but flip the pattern twice

Torso Tattoo/logo Letter Back Alphabet: 7/18 A= 38,0,51,100
Same as above but letter F then same as above but letter L then same as above but U then same as above but letter X

Arms Arm paint Right arm: 117= 33,0,0,57
Arms Arm paint Left arm: 114= 33,50,0,50

Arms Tattoo/logo design Left arm: 9 3rd largest H 2nd largest V: 20,0,0,64
Arms Tattoo/logo design Right arm: 20 2nd Largest H & V: 39,0,0,51
This Covers Where Mustache Is Head Tattoo/logo design: 153 rotate 1 2nd largest H 3rd largest V: 96,23,68,64

AI Fighting style both Brawler
Crowd Signs: ECW, Layeth The Smacketh Down
Advanced Options: Aggressive, often, often, less

Entrance *NOTE* There is no screen effect anywhere in entrance and also the room lighting in the entrance is gold all the way through.

Motion: Superstar 2
Fireworks: None
Name Plate: Off
Camera: 2,2,1,1

Motion: John Cena
Fireworks: Ramp Pyro 13
Name Plate: On
Camera: 2,2,2,2

Ring In
Motion: Superstar 2
Fireworks: None
Name Plate: Off
Camera: 2,1,1,1

Motion: Chris Masters
Fireworks: Ring Pyro 4
Name Plate: Off
Camera: 2,3,3,2

Movie: Stacy Kiebler
Music: BGM 13 on the game but since we can have custom music it is The Only by Static X


Standard Actions
Ring In: Slide In
Ring Out: One Handstand Ring Out
Taunts: Sit Down/Scratching Arm/Orton 3/Mark Jindrak
Fighting Stance: Boxing
Walking & Running Normal

Strike Attacks
Triple H Punchs 3/Kick To Gut 2/Outlaw Punches 2/Elbow Smash 2/Boxing Straight Punch/Boxing Hook Punch

Clean grapple
Headlock 1/Small Package 1/Suplex 11/DDT 14/Gutbuster 2

Dirty Grapple
Head Is Struck/Low Blow 5/Eye Poke 5/Eye Rake 2/Reverse Atomic Drop

Submission grapple
Chicken Wing 1/Face Lock 2/Chin Lock/Shoulder Lock/Armbar 2

Speed Speed
Jumping Axe Handle/Neckbreaker 10/Shuffle Side Kick 4/Scoop Slam & Knee/Clothesline 21

Brawler Brawler
Outlaw Stomp 1/Finishing Punch/Neckbreaker 16/Mat Slam/Fury Punch 4

Power Power
Clothesline 23/Remember That/Belly To Back Slam/Emerald Fusion/DDT 15

Grapple Attack
Grapple Body Attack 2/Grapple Punch 3/Grapple Elbow Strike 1

Grapple From Behind
Facecrusher 5/Elbow To Back Of Head 2/Tazzplex/Russian Leg Sweep 2/Backbreaker 6/Schoolboy Rollup/Back Suplex 8/Belly To Back 2/Sleeper Hold 3/Back Side Slam 2

Ground Strike Attacks
Rock Stomp/Angry Stomp/Elbow Drop 1

Ground Grapple Moves
Sleeper Hold 7/Mounted Punching 4/Mounted Punching 1/Step Over Toe Hold/Leg Stretch 2/Edgecator

Corner Strike Attacks
Clothesline & Bulldog/Running Shoulder Attack 1/Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Corner Grapple Moves
10 Punch/Body Strikes/Knee Strike 3/Turnbuckle Body Strike/Superplex 2/Mudhole Strikes

Corner Grapple From Behind
Toss Into Ring Post/Snake Eyes/Toss 1/Double Axe Handle 6/Tie To Tree Of Woe

Rope-Groggy On Ropes
Fury Strikes

Rope-Rebound Attack
Jumping Knee Attack 2/Running Leg Drop/Vaulting Bodypress 2

Rope-Diving Out OF Ring Attack
Baseball Slide 1

Diving vs. Standing Opponent
Diving Clothesline/Diving Spear

Diving vs. Down Opponent
Diving Elbow/Diving Fist Drop/Diving Headbutt

Dash Running Strikes
Clothesline 17/Kitchen Sink 1

Dash Running Grapple
Spear 4/Neckbreaker 1

Dash Rear Techniques
Bulldog 3/Chop Block

Dash Running Ground Attack
Double Axe Handle 5/Dropkick To Knee 3

Dash Counter Attack
Spinebuster 2/Spear 2/Flapjack 3

Standing Tag Team
Double Punches 2/Double DDT/Double Suplex/Double Clothesline/Double Beat Head

Corner Tag Team
Kick To Gut 1/Death Device/Death Drop 1/Sidewalk & Reverse DDT/Groin Press

Back & Neckbreaker 1 (The D-Train)/Crossface Chickenwing (Detroit Chickenwing)

Special-Signature Moves
Spinebuster 2/Jumping Axe Handle/Fury Strikes

Special-Chair Finishers
DDT 23/Guillotine 2

Special-Combination Attack
Outlaw Punches 1 *Reversed*/Boxing Straight Punch *Reversed*/Boxing Hook Punch
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