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"Hot Stuff" Johnny Phoenix
CAW by Chickothrottle

Pics by Kempy

"The Hot Stuff" Johnny Phoenix
He has a Male Model/Rob Conway gimmick and is extremely cocky and thinks hes better than everyone else and his trademark Quote. "100% Fat Free

Johnny Phoenix is a male model turned Wrestler who grew up in a small town outside of Norfolk Virginia and has always been a ladies man ever since the time he was born and all through elementary school and high school he was always popular with the cheerleaders they just couldn't get enough of him and after high school he became a male model and posed for over 50 magazines, he was always interested in wrestling growing up but never decided that he wanted to be one until after a few years of being as model and all the attention that he decided to give it a try so he trained for a few years and started going through ranks of local to Indy and now he is ready to make it here in the WTF/VWE.

Will need to use my help pics to make this CAW
Name: Johnny Phoenix
Hud Name:Phoenix
Nickname: The Hot Stuff
Nickname Placement: Prefix
Intro:Hot Stuff
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
Gender: Male
Weight Class: 240 Heavyweight
Match Tactic: Dirty
Show: Raw
Voice: 1

Head: (0,-5,0,-8)
Eyebrows: (0,16,-25,8)
Eyes: (5,-37,-23,0,2,0,0)
Nose: (-18,0,0,0,0,-11,0,8)
Cheek: (0,0,0,-42)
Mouth: (0,-42,-7,-42,0,0,-36)
Jaw: (40,-59,9,-51,-25,-8)
Ear: Default
Age: Default

Face Skin 6 or 1 not sure which one to pick
Hair 6 (88,0,6)
Goatte 13 (95,0,0,100)
Goatee 5 (95,0,0,100)
Face Other 19 (95,0,15,100)

Body type Default
Body Skin 3
No body hair
Height 6\'2
in order
Underwear 20 (0,100,100)
Knee Pads 7 (43,0,10,100)
Elbow pads 4 (43,0,9,100)
Glasses 5 (cut scene and entrance only) (100,50,50)
Wrist bands 1 (43,0,10,100,92)
Shoes 3 (43,50,9)
Torso Tattoo/Logo Design 102, Put Right over belly button so the belly button is in the middle of the sun. (38,0,0,53)
Torso Picture Front (Use Help Pic) 130 put on the right side of the tights in the middle (1,50,50,100)
do the same thing ionly this time put it on the left side in the middle of the tights, ((1,50,50,100)
Body paint 33 (Use Help Pic) (100,0,60,100)
do that to the others side as well, (100,0,60,100)
(Use Help Pic) Torso Tattoo/logo front design simple 153 cover up the piece on his rights leg it goes under his tights and over his knee pad as small as it gets, (94,29,74,92)
Once again do the same thing to the left side of the leg that you did to the right side of his leg 153, (94,29,74,92)
Torso Tattoo/Logo 153 front 3rd largest vertical and largest Horizontal, put it on his right side of the body so it covers the piece of the log that we put on his pants that is on his body, (95,27,70,92)
Do The same thing to his left side of his body and cover up that piece on his body same size 153 (95,27,70,92)
Torso Clothes (cut scene and entrance only) Long Hemline 93 (0,0,9,100)
Torso body paint 12 (100,100,84,100)
Torso Tattoo/logo back alphabet 7, letter P, use help pic and put it where it is at in the pic on his back as big as it gets both ways (38,0,100,100)
Torso tattoo/logo Picture 130 on back use help pic its the heart on the back, 2nd from biggest horizontal and 3rd from largest Vertical (0,82,80,100)
Torso tattoo/logo back Alphabet 7 letter J, use help pic to determine where it goes, put it on the left side of the heart, as big as it gets, (0,0,100,100)
No advanced options
AI 1 Grappler
AI 2 Brawler
Crowd Signs: I\'m a sexy beast and The Hitman

Motion: Body Builder
Fireworks:Stage Pyro 1
Room Lighting:Red 04
Screen Effect:None
Name Plate:OFF
Camera Angles:1,1,1,1

Motion:Rob Conway
Room Lighting:Red 04
Screen Effect:None
Name Plate:ON
Camera Angles:1,1,1,1

Motion:Rob Conway
Room Lighting:Red 04
Screen Effect:None
Name Plate:OFF
Camera Angles:1,1,1,1

Motion:Rule Breaker
Fireworks: Ring in Pyro 10
Room Lighting:Red 04
Screen Effect:None
Name Plate:OFF
Camera Angles:1,2,3,1

MUSIC:Rob Conway
MOVIE:Rob Conway

The Hot Stuff Johnny Phoenix Moveset

Batista 3
Taunt Brother 1
I am A Number 1
Chris Jericho 2
Fighting Stance:
Wrestling 1
Walking Motion:
Running Motion:

Strike Attacks:
Dropkick 1
Toe Kick 1
Elbow Smash 1
Outlaw Punches 1
Dupree Punch Combo
Kick To Gut 2

Grapple Moves:
Eye Poke 2
Low Blow 3
Eye Rake 2
Head Is Struck
Eye Poke 1
Arm Drag 3, Gutbuster 2, Headlock Takeover, Facecrusher 1, DDT 8

Snapmare & Necklock 1 (Closest thing to his Reverse Chinlock)
Face Lock 2
Headlock 4
Abdominal Stretch 3
Leg Lock 3

Moves 1- Old School:
Back Chop 6
Headlock Punch 2
Neckbreaker 6
Suplex 11
Piledriver 2

Moves 2- Speed:
Arm Whip
Scoop Slam & Knee
Kitchen Sink 2
Free Fall Drop
Neckbreaker 10

Moves 3- Technical:
Backbreaker 14
Belly To Back 1
German Suplex 3
DDT 16

Grapple Moves:
Grapple Punch 1
Grapple Punch 2
Grapple Elbow Strike 3

Grapple From Behind:
Bulldog 5
Belly To Back 2
Sidewalk Slam 3
Spinout Power Bomb
Head Smasher
Atomic Drop
School Boy Roll Up
Abdominal Stretch 1
DDT 17
Back Suplex 5

Top of Cell Attack:
Downward Thrust x4

Strike Attacks:
Rock Stomp
Elbow Drop 1
Elbow Drop 4

Grapple Moves:
Neck Lock
Mounted Punching 1
Slap Head & Raise
Leg Lock 6
Kick To Head
Elbow Drop Combo

Strike Attacks:
Turnbuckle Clothesline 1
Cross Body 2
Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves:
DDT 20
10 Punch
Shoulder Thrust 2
Superplex 1
Mudhole Stomping 1
Mudhole Strikes

Grapple From Behind:
Forearm to Back
Illegal Pin
Toss into Ring Post
Super Back Suplex
Turnbuckle Smash

Groggy On Ropes:
Toss To The Rope

Rebound Attack:
Clothesline 10
Elbow Drop 6
Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving Out Of Ring Attack:
Baseball Slide 1

Diving Clothesline
Missile Dropkick

Diving Elbow
Near Elbow Drop
Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2

Running Strikes:
Clothesline 8
Clothesline 10

Running Grapple:
Neckbreaker 1
Lou Thesz Press

Rear Techniques:
Bulldog 5
Neckbreaker 12

Running Ground Attack:
Elbow Drop 5 x2

Counter Attack:
Sleeper Hold 5
Back Body Drop 2
Flapjack 2

Dropkick & Rolling Clutch
Double Suplex
Double Clothesline
Low Blow & Knee Attack

Kick To Gut 1
Whip & Lay Down
Double Stomping
Double Arm Whip
Body Splash & Whip

Air Raid Siren(The Glam Slam)
Super Neckbreaker Pin(EgoTrip)

Signature Moves:
Neckbreaker 1
Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Air Raid Siren

Chair Finisher:
DDT 23 x2

Combination Attack:
Triple H Punches 2
Snap Jab
Clothesline 3
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