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Cheats, Tips & Hints for SVR2006

Easy CAW exp points
Credit: barkingdogg
Earn easy EXP Points
1. Start by creating a Super Heavyweight CAW.
2. Play through season mode and earn until enough exp to max out strength or durability or both.
3. Go to Create mode and make a copy of your CAW.
4. Edit the profile of the copied CAW and change the weight limit to DIVA. You'll recieve a notification saying CAW attribute points will be lost. Continue.
By doing this the CAW's lost Attribute points will be converted back to EXP Points, and you can distribute it to other CAWs. Repeat steps 3-4 until you max out all your stats.

Cheat the Royal Rumble
Credit: USMarineE2

When you get to the Royal Rumble in season mode, make sure you are the first entry into the Royal Rumble. If you are on SmackDown!, Vince McMahon should come out with the new WWE Champion and talk about the winner of the Royal Rumble will be the number 1 contender. After the match has started, puase the game and select quit match. Select yes at the next screen. You will again be at the Royal Rumble, only you will have to face 6 wrestlers instead of 29. This will even the odds big time.

Note: I've only done it on SmackDown! So I do not know if this works on Raw.

If you play the rumble at any entry number and lose, Vince comes out and says that the winner cheated by changing their entry number. Vince then restarts the match with 6 people.

How to do Casket Finishers
Credit: BremnerLeeds

To do a casket finisher store one finisher and get your momentum full so the bar is flashing, when it is irish whip your opponent into the casket and press L1...this will do a casket finisher and end the match without having to close the casket lid

Parking Lot Brawl - Limo Finisher
Credit: bigstunnerdude
To perform a hidden grapple move to instantly end the match in a parking lot brawl you need to first have your wrestler store a special. You then need to build your momentum meter again so it is flashing. Then go into any grapple hold on your standing opponent, make sure they are facing you. In the grapple position don't perform an actual move but do the grapple strike by pressing X. You will strike your opponent and now hold them by the hair so you can walk them where you want them. Move them to the rear door of the Limo and press the grapple button without pressing a direction. You'll throw your opponent into the limo and proceed to the blue Pickup Truck which you'll climb into and proceed to drive into the Limo delivering a 'KO' to your opponent.

Jumping out of the steel cage without winning
Credit: Stephen K

~ Tested on RVD Jumping side kick (X+<--) ~
~ Works Best on 2 player ~
~ No Weapons Under Ring ~
~ Not Tested Online ~

1) Get RVD or apply the RVD jumping kick to a CAW
2) Play the Steel cage match in the Main Events
3) Climb the cage near the bottom right, and when at the top, tap X ONE time
4) Get the 2nd player to come to the bottom right of the cage
5) Press X+<-- to do the jump, and you can jump right out of the cage and onto the outside
6) To get back in simply use the arrow keys+Triangle as normal

Get into the truck
Credit: Kris

In the Garage Brawl match do strong irish whip on someone into the WWE
Truck, the side will fall off and you will be able to enter it.

Swanton Bomb Off the Ladder
Credit: WarriorMania

when you have a wrestler with jeff hardy's movelist(the preset with no changes)you are able to do a tlc match when you are playing as the wrestler with jeff's movelist and you and your opponent are both on the ladder at the same time and your opponent is about to fall over press circle and down and you will push the opponent off the ladder and do a swanton without a finisher off the ladder.

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