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Move by SBK


Ring In Move: Vince McMahon

Ring Out Move: Normal

Taunt: Hello 2, Taunt Helicopter, Taunt Muscular 3, Brutus Beefcake 1 (Taboo Tuesday)

Fighting Style: Wrestling 1

Walking Style: Normal

Running Style: Normal

Entrance: Movie: Logo, Moves: Original 13, Music: Original 14

Ready Moves:

Attack: Dropkick 4, Toe Kick 1, Elbow Smash 1, Triple H Punches 1, Clothesline 3, Back Chop 4

Submission Grapple: Grapple 4, Armbar 2, Headlock Takedown, Arm Wrench 1, Headlock 1

Signature Grapple: Grapple 8, Airplane Spin, Power Up 2, Stunner 4, Suplex 10

Power Grapple: Grapple 7, Full Nelson Slam 2, DDT 17, Manhatten Drop, Spinebuster 7

Quick Grapple: Grapple 8, Arm Drag 4, Back Chop 9, Fireman Carry 2, Suplex 6

Back Attack: Abdominal Stretch 1, Atomic Drop, Back Suplex 2, Back Sideslam 2, Back Suplex 5, Rolling Cradle Pin 2, Bulldog 2, Sleeper Hold 3

Edge of the Cell: Downward Thrust 4x


Attack: Angry Stomp, Leg Drop, Elbow Drop 2

Grapple: Armlock 2, Finishing Leg Drop, Cross Armbreaker 2, Figure 4 Leg Lock, Stomp on Leg, Sharpshooter 2


Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline (2x), Knee Attack 1

Grapple: Superplex 1, 10 Punches, Shoulder Thrust, Mudhole Stomping 2

Back Attack: Dropkick & School Boy Pin, Turnbuckle Smash, Super Back Suplex, Toss 1

Rope Opponent:

Rope Down: Big Boot 4

Rebound Attack: Clothesline 4, Running Leg Drop, Vaulting Body Press 2

Jump Down Over: Baseball Slide 1


Stand: Missile Dropkick, Double Axe Handle 3

Down: Diving Elbow Drop 1, Diving Leg Drop, Diving Headbutt


Attack: Shoulder Block 2, Clothesline 6

Grapple: Rolling Cradle Pin 1, Lou Thesz Press

Back Attack: Bulldog 2, School Boy Pin 2

Squatting Attack: Elbow Drop 10, Running Leg Drop

Counter: Powerslam Pin 3, Hip Toss 1, Back Body Drop 2

Double Team:

Stand: Double DDT, Double Beat Head, Double Suplex, Double Clothesline, Double Flapjack

Turnbuckle: Atomic Leg Drop, Atomic Leg Drop, Accident 1, Accident 1


Finisher: The Rock Bottom, The People’s Elbow

Favorites: Power Up 2, Airplane Spin, Atomic Leg Drop

Weapon Finisher: DDT 29 2x

Combination Moves: Angle Punches (flip horizontal), Angle Punches, Dropkick 2
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