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El Mistico
Move by Alanajty

Ring in – jumping 2 Ring Out - Normal
Taunts – Rey Mysterio1, Hold Up 2, Rey Mysterio 2, Rey Mysterio 2
Fighting style: wrestling 1
Running Style: Normal
Walking Style: Normal
Entrance Movie: Rey Mysterio Moves: Rey Mysterio Music: Rey Mysterio
Ready Moves - Attack: enzuigirl 2, Toe Kick 1, Elbow Smash1, Dropkick1, Dropkick to knee 2, slap 2
Grapple: Sub Grapple: armbar 3, headlock 1, octopus stretch, , Arm Wrench1
Sig Grapple: Irish Whip, hurracanrana pin 1, Small package 3, hopping sunset flip, back rolling 2
Power Grapple: Irish Whip, DDT8, Hurricanrana4, back chop 7, Northern lights suplex 2
Quick Grapple: Irish Whip, sunset flip pin 3, Victory Roll Pin3, Hurricanrana 2, crucifix pin
Grapple Attack: Grapple Elbow Strike 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 1
Back Attack: Irish Whip, bulldog 6, Hurricanrana7, back suplex 2, spinning hurracanrana 2 <|> bulldog 2, bulldog 6, School Boy Pin2, Hurricanrana pin 4
Attack: Angry Stomp, flip splash, flip leg drop
Grapple: Oklahoma Roll Pin, cruiserweight moves 5, dropkick to face, Boston Crab, cruiserweight moves 4, Mexican stretch 2
Attack: on to the top , handspring to kick, turnbuckle dropkick
Grapple: DDT 27, arm Drag 8, Arm Drag 9, Mudhole Stomping2
Back Attack: dropkick school boy pin , dropkick school boy pin , spider suplex, Stratusfaction
Stand: diving hurrancanrana, Diving Cross Body Pin
Down: Diving headbutt, Diving moonsault, the 450 pin
Rope Moves:
Rope Down: Elbow & Irish Whip
Rebound: Spinning Wheel Kick4, lionsault, Moonsault Attack
Jump Down Over: corkscrew body attack
Attack: running calf kick, spinning wheel kick 4
Grapple: arm drag 2 , queen sunset flip pin
Back Attack: School Boy Pin 2, Hurricanrana6
Squatting Attack: Dropkick to Knee3 x2
Counter: Flapjack4, hurracanrana pin 3, Flapjack & Dropkick
Double Team – Default
Special: The 619 DDT 4
Favourites: DDT4, dd4, ddt 4
Weapon special: DDT 29 x2
Combination Moves: back chop 4, back chop 4, dropkick 1
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