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Bobby Lashley
Move by Alanajty

Taunts – powerful 7, powerfull 7, Hold Up 2, hardcore holly
Fighting style: tazz
Running Style: Normal
Walking Style: Normal
Entrance Movie: ric flair Moves: garrison cadeMusic: chuck palumbo
Ready Moves - Attack: outlaw punches 1, Toe Kick 1, undertaker punches 1, clothesline 3, outlaw punches 1, back chop 4

Grapple: Sub Grapple: Irish Whip, Headlock 2, bear hug, wrist clutch & elbow 1, wrist clutch & elbow 1
Sig Grapple: Irish Whip, gutwtrnch suplex , back side slam 1, back body suplex, Scoop slam 4
Power Grapple: Irish Whip, Oklahoma slam 2, backbreaker 7, Body Press Slam, northern lights suplex 2

Quick Grapple: Irish Whip, leg trip 2, fireman carry 1, leg trip 1, clothesline 29

Grapple Attack: Grapple Elbow Strike 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 1
Back Attack: Irish Whip, Back Suplex 8, abdominal strentch 1, full nelson slam 3, sidewalk slam 8 <|> Elbow Smash2, reverse full nelson, Back Suplex 4, Turning Face Front
Attack: Angry Stomp, elbow drop 9 double axe handle
Grapple: Headlock5, Russian neck drop, powerful rise, cruiserweight moves 6(trust me it looks like amateur wrestling moves), raise and knee strike, knee smash 2
Attack: running shoulder attack 2, Turnbuckle Clothesline, Knee Attack 1
Grapple: Knee Strike, Shoulder Thrust, toss 2 turnbuckle, Mudhole Stomping 2
Back Attack: Illegal Pin, Hanging In Reverse, 10 turn buckle smash, Shoulder Strike
Stand: flying clothesline 2, Double axe handle 3
Down: Diving Elbow Drop 1 x3
Rope Moves:
Rope Down: throw to the rope
Rebound: Elbow Attack5, Elbow Drop 10, Vaulting Body Press 2,
Jump Down Over: Baseball Slide1
Attack: benoit attack, Shoulder Block1
Grapple: Running sto, german suplex 1
Back Attack: Knee Clip, School Boy Pin 2
Squatting Attack: Elbow Drop10 x2
Counter: Powerslam2, flapjack 3, tilt a whirl sideslam 3

Special: backbreaker 3, backbreaker 3
Favourites: backbreaker 3, backbreaker 3, backbreaker 3
Weapon special: DDT 29 x2
Combination Moves: outlaw punches 2x closthesline 1
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