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Baron Von Raschke
Move by Shroomie

Converted from BigMiketheMOD's HCTP Moveset

Ring In Move: Outlaw
Ring Out Move: Roll Down
Taunt: Raising Arm 01; Taunt Wizard 03; Hold Up 01; Undertaker 02
Fighting Style: Big Show
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Entrance: Moves: Big Show
Attack: Mongolian Chop; Toe Kick 01; Slap 02; Spinning Punches; Strong Spinning Elbow; Bubba Ray Punches 01
- Submission: Big Shoulder Claw 01; Headlock 01; Bearhug 03; Headlock Takedown
- Signature: Airplane Spin; Scoop Slam 01; Triple H Smash; Suplex 03
- Power: Batista Lifting & Toss; Headbutt 01; Piledriver 01; Belly To Belly 03
- Quick: Eye Rake 01; Body Knee Strike; Headlock & Punch; Fireman Carry 02
Back Attack: School Boy Roll Up; Atomic Drop; Low Blow 06; Cobra Clutch 01
-- Mat Slam 02; Sleeper Hold 03; Mat Slam 02; Dragon Sleeper 01
Edge of Cell: Downward Thrust x4
Attack: Senton Splash; Knee Drop 02; Leg Drop
Grapple: Choke 03; Reverse Chin Lock 01; Knee Stomp || Knee Smash 01; Leg Lock 09; Kick To Leg
Attack: Elbow Attack 06; Thump 01; Knee Attack 01
Grapple: Knee Strikes; Choke 01; Shoulder Thrust || Foot Choke 02
Back Attack: Illegal Pin; Hanging In Reverse; Turnbuckle Smash; Hanging In Reverse
Rope Down: Elbow & Irish Whip
Rebound Attack: Elbow Attack 01; Running Leg Drop; Vaulting Body Press 02
Jump Down Over: Baseball Slide 01
Stand: Flying Clothesline 02; Double Axe Handle 03
Down: Diving Headbutt; Diving Headbutt; Diving Headbutt
Attack: Flying Forearm Smash 02; Jumping Knee Attack 01
Grapple: Spear 02; Spear 03
Back Attack: Mat slam 02; Mat Slam 02
Squatting Attack: Running Leg Drop; Running Leg Drop
Counter: Arm Drag 07; Back Body Drop 01; Neckbreaker 11
Finisher: Mandible Claw; Iron Claw
Favorites: Bearhug 03; Choke 03; Choke 01
Weapon Finisher: Guillotine 03; Guillotine 03
Combination Moves: Bubba Ray Punches 01; Body Punch; Mongolian Chop
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