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2 Cold Scorpio
Move by Shroomie

Converted from BigMiketheMOD's HCTP Moveset

Ring In Move: Jumping 02
Ring Out Move: Normal
Taunt: Wake Up; Taunt BANZAI; Taunt Head Shake
Fighting Style: Outlaw
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Attack: Dropkick01; Back Kick 02; Overhand Chop; Shuffle Side Kick 05; Shuffle Side Kick 03; Double Axe Handle 01
- Submission: Wrist Clutch & Elbow 01; Headlock 01; Wrist & Arm Wrench; Headlock Takedown
- Signature: Back Body Suplex; Tajiri Quick Kick; Scoop Slam 01; Suplex 07
- Power: Hurracanrana 04; Double Arm Suplex 03; Powerbomb 11; Powerful Knee Strike 02
- Quick: Small Package 01; Knee Strike 02; Judo Flip Suplex; Arm Drag 04
Back Attack: School Boy Pin 02; Atomic Drop; Elbow To Back Of Head 02; Snapmare 05
-- Rolling clutch Pin; Turning Face Front; Back Suplex 02; Forearm Smash
Edge of Cell: Downward Thrust x4
Attack: Angry Stomp; Knee Drop 02; Flip Leg Drop
Grapple: Short Arm Scissors; Big Splash Pin; Knee Stomp
-- Leg Lock 10; Moonsault Splash 03; Toss 02
Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline; Turnbuckle Dropkick 01; Turnbuckle Dropkick 02
Grapple: Monkey Flip; Sunset Flip Pin 04; Shoulder Thrust || Mudhole Stomping 02
Back Attack: Turnbuckle Smash; Dropkick & School Boy Pin; 10 Turnbuckle Smash; Hanging In Reverse
Rope Down: Elbow & Irish Whip
Rebound Attack: Cross Body 01; Running Flip Splash; Vaulting Body Press 02
Jump Down Over: Vaulting Body Press 01
Stand: Double Axe Handle 03; Diving Cross Body
Down: Diving Moonsault 01; The Money Shot Pin; Diving Leg Drop
Attack: Shoulder Block 01; Dropkick 05
Grapple: Headscissor Takedown 02; Sunset Flip Pin 01
Back Attack: School Boy Pin 02; Rolling Clutch Pin
Squatting Attack: Elbow Drop 10; Running Flip Splash
Counter: Arm Drag 07; Back Body Drop 01; Hip Toss 01
Stand: Dropkick & Rolling Clutch; Double Punches 01; Double Clothesline; Double Dropkick
Turnbuckle: Whip & Lay Down; Kick To Gut; Hip Toss
Finisher: The 450 Pin; The 450 Pin
Favorites: Headscissor Takedown 02; Shuffle Side Kick 05; Hurracanrana 04
Weapon Finisher: Vandaminator; Guillotine 03
Combination Moves: Snap Jab; Toe Kick 01; Shuffle Side Kick 03
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