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AJ Styles (Superman Attire)
CAW by London*

Pics credit to Shocker


Name: AJ Styles
Ring Name: BLANK
Call Name: Any, I used The Star
Classification: Light Heavyweight
Gender: Male
Match Tactics: Clean
Show: Either
Crowd Signs: Any



Logic 1: Grappler
Logic 2: Luchador
Move: Aggressive
Irish Whip: Less Often
Diving Moves: Often
Taunt: Less Often


Body Toning: X:70



Face Skin: 13/13
Body Skin: 2/4
Skin Color: NOW (X:-92, Y:0) (X:5)
Hair: 17/88 (X: -89, Y:0) (X:49)
Body Hair: DEFAULT
Eyebrows: 5/154 (X:-88, Y:-100) (X:0)
Eyes: 7/12 (X:-96, Y:9) (X:0)
Facial Hair: NONE
Sideburns: 9/16 (X:-90, Y:-1) (X:19) (X:100)
Lips: 65/65 (X:-72, Y:2) (X:0)



Head: (X:21, Y:15) (X:23)
Eyebrows: (X: 42, Y: 52) (X:-7)
Eyes: (X:-63, Y:8) (X:-23, Y:-100)
Nose: (X:-13, Y:51) (X:-64, Y:26)
Cheek: (X:-11, Y:23) (X:0, Y: -36)
Mouth: (X:-55, Y:0) (X:0, Y:-25)
Jaw: (X:0, Y:-9) (X:-12, Y:17)
Ear: (X:-86, Y: -33) (X:0, Y:0)
Age: (X:-100)



Head: (X:15, Y:3) (Y:20)
Neck: (X:37, Y:31) (Y:-100)
Chest: (X:39, Y:30) (Y:0)
Shoulder: (X:-100, Y:-61)
Abdomen: (X:6, Y:-5) (Y:100)
Arms: (X:0, Y:0) (Y:0)
Hands: (X:0, Y:0)
Waist: (X: 38, Y:-28)
Legs: (X:14, Y:15) (X:0, Y:0)
Feet: (X:0, Y:0) (Y:0)


Height: 5\'10\'\' (Y:-30)



Elbow Pads: 1/41 - 9/16 (X:24, Y:-4) (X:0) (X:100)
Wrist Bands: 1/41 - 5/20 (X:100, Y:-5) (X:0) (X:100) (X:85)
Tights: 1/41 - 2/12 (X:32, Y:45) (X:59) (X:100) (X:100)
Shoes: 1/41 - 13/45 (X:21, Y:1) (X:28)
Knee Pads: 1/41 - 14/15 (X:100, Y:9) (X:100) (X:100)
Lower Body Accessories: 3/18 (X:29, Y:16) (X:66) (X:100)
Make-Up: 60/60 (X:-94, Y:9) (X:-9) (X:9)
Make-Up: 2/60 (X:-100, Y:7) (X:0) (X:-100)
Upper Body - Design - Letter - 1/18 - \",\" - Default size - (X:-77, Y:-42) (X:0) (X:-100) Place it on his stomach where his belly button would be



Upper Body - Design - WWE - Front: 38/60 (X:-100, Y:100) (X:-100) (X:100) Biggest horizontally, 3rd biggest vertically. Place it on his right leg of tights.
Copy the last layer and place it in the same position on his left leg

Upper Body - Design - Simple - Front: 159/162 (X:100, Y:51) (X:0) (X:100) Place it over the white circle on his right leg and enlarge it so it fits around the outside.
Copy the last layer and place it in the same position on his left leg

Upper Body - Design - Letter - Front: Alphabet - 16/18 - Default size - Capital \"A\" and \"J\" (X:100, Y:31) (X:0) (X:100) Spell out \"AJ\" in the white circle on his left leg. Put the \"J\" slightly further down and to the left so the two letters connect together.

Upper Body - Design - Letter - Front: Alphabet - 1/18 - Smallest size - \"STYLES\" (all in capitals) (X:100, Y:31) (X:0) (X:100) Put this just below the \"AJ\" so it fits inside the white circle.

Upper Body - Design - Letter - Front: Numeral - 1/9 - Largest size - \"1\" On the bottom row (X:100, Y:31) (X:0) (X:100) Put this in the middle of the white circle on his right leg.
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