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AJ Styles
CAW by Manstar2021

Pics credit to Shocker

Face Skin: 13
Body Skin: 3
Hair: 12
Eyebrows: 51 (X:-100 Y: -6)
Eyes: 7
Lips: 1
Facial Hair: 34 (X:-93 Y:10) SHADE (x:-47) Transparency (X:-81)
Sideburns: 11 (X:-100 Y: -50)
Piercing: 1
Elbow Pads: 4 (X:-100 Y: -100) SHADE (X:-100)
Wrist Bands: 1 (X-89 Y: 41) SHADE (X:-100) LENGTH (X:90)
Tights: 2 (x:-87 Y:-70) SHADE: (X-100) LENGTH (X:85)
Knee Pads: 5 (X:-83 Y:-82) SHADE (X:-100)
Shoes: 15 (make them pretty dark, but not pure black) SHADE: (X-100)
LB Accessory: 2 (make pretty light, but not pure white) SHADE: (X: -100)
Make UP: 58 (X:-100 Y:-65) SHADE: (X:-6) TRANS: (X:-100)
UB Acessory: 15 (Make it pretty silverish/white, but not pure white) SHADE: (X:-100)


HEAD- L (X: 22 Y: 100) R (X: 14)
EYEBROW- L (X: 35 Y: 66) R (Y:-16)
EYES- L (X:-22 Y:-18) R (X:-37 Y:-2)
NOSE- L (X: 23 Y: 37) R (X:-9 Y: 44)
CHEEK- L (X:-100 Y:-27) R (X:-100 Y:-11)
MOUTH- L (X:-34 Y:-37) R (X:-45 Y:-47)
JAW- L (X: 13 Y:-54) R (X:-40)
EAR- L (X:-40 Y: 31) R (X: 30 Y: 64)
AGE- L (X:-100)

Make his abdomen wider then the default. (look in picture)
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