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SmackDown! vs RAW Moves

Name ↓ Creator
JJ Dillon Shroomie
Jody Fleisch Shroomie
Joel Maximo Shroomie
Joey Mercury Shroomie & Elbon316
John Bradshaw Layfield K2T
John Cena thenatureboy17
John Kronus Shroomie
John Walters Shroomie
Johnny Ace Shroomie
Johnny Devine Alanajty
Johnny Kashmere Shroomie
Johnny Nitro Shroomie & Elbon316
Johnny Stamboli Shroomie
Johnny Storm Shroomie
Johnny Swinger Shroomie
Jorge Estrada Shroomie
Jose Maximo Shroomie
Josh Prohibition Shroomie
Judy Martin Shroomie
Jumping Bomb Angel Shroomie
Jun Akiyama Shroomie
Jun Izumida Shroomie
Junk Yard Dog Shroomie
Juventud Guerrera ?
Kamala Shroomie
Kanyon Leoboy725
Kat Leroux Shroomie
Kaz Hayashi Shroomie
Kazarian Leoboy725
Ken Kennedy Alanajty
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