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SmackDown! vs RAW Moves

Name ↓ Creator
IRS Shroomie
Ivan Koloff Shroomie
Ivory Shroomie
Izzy Shroomie
Jack Evans Shroomie
Jacqueline Stud101
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Bret 'The Hitman' Hart
Jamie Noble (2) Show
1 Shroomie
2 Shroomie
Jaques Rougeau Shroomie
Jason Cross Subb619
Jay Briscoe Shroomie
Jay Lethal Shroomie
Jeff Hardy RekkeNoRyo
Jeff Jarrett (2) Show
1 SimplyPhenominal
2 Shroomie
Jerelle Clark Alanajty
Jerry Lawler Shroomie
Jerry Lynn Shroomie
Jerry Saggs callous2mybag
Jesus Benz
Jim Brunzel Shroomie
Jim Cornette Shroomie
Jim Duggan Shroomie
Jim Neidhart Shroomie
Jim Powers Shroomie
Jim Ross Shroomie
Jimmy Garvin Shroomie
Jimmy Jacobs Stong-style-caws
Jimmy Rave Shroomie
Jimmy Valiant Shroomie
Jinsei Shinzaki Shroomie
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