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SmackDown! vs RAW Moves

Name ↓ Creator
Boris Zhukov Shroomie
Brad Armstrong Shroomie
Bret Hart bret_michaels
Brian Adams Shroomie
Brian Christopher Shroomie
Brian Clarke Shroomie
Brian Knobbs callous2mybag
Brian Pillman Shroomie
Brian XL Shroomie
British Bulldog Leoboy725
Brock Lesnar Shroomie
Bruider Brody Shroomie
Bruno Sammartino Shroomie
Buff Bagwell Shroomie
Bull Buchanan Shroomie
Bull Nakano Shroomie
Burchill (2) Show
1 Shroomie
2 Alanajty
Bushwhackers Shroomie
Butch Reed Shroomie
Carlito Caribbean Cool (2) Show
1 Robinson Rivera
2 Ripper T
Chad Collyer Shroomie
Charlie Haas K2T
Chase Stevens Shroomie
Chavo Guerrero K2T
Chris Benoit (2) Show
1 SimplyPhenominal
2 K2T
Chris Candido Shroomie
Chris Devine Shroomie
Chris Harris Leoboy725
Chris Hero Shroomie
Chris Jericho The Dropsuit
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