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SmackDown! vs RAW Moves

Name ↓ Creator
Balls Mahoney Shroomie
Bam Bam Bigelow Shroomie
Bambi Shroomie
Barbarian Shroomie
Baron Von Raschke Shroomie
Barry Windham Shroomie
Bastion Booger Shroomie
Batista (2) Show
1 Numero Uno
2 The Dropsault
Berzerker Shroomie
Beverly Brothers Shroomie
Big Boss Man Shroomie
Big John Studd Shroomie
Big Show (2) Show
1 SimplyPhenominal
2 K2T
Big Vito Shroomie
Bill DeMott Shroomie
Billy Graham Shroomie
Billy Gunn K2T
Billy Jack Haynes Shroomie
Billy Kidman K2T
BJ Whitmer Shroomie
Blitzkreig Shroomie
Blue Meanie Shroomie
Bob Backlund Shroomie
Bob Orton Shroomie
Bobby Duncam Jr Shroomie
Bobby Eaton Shroomie
Bobby Lashley (2) Show
1 Alanajty
2 Strong-Style-caws
Bobby Roode Shroomie
Boogeyman Strong-Style-caws
Booker T K2T
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