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SmackDown! vs RAW CAWs

Name ↓ Creator
Hurricane (5) Show
1 Steveorwhc
2 Buzzsaw
3 Antistar
4 Tom Rice
5 WolfgangJT
Hurricane (3 Attires) EdgecatedLuke
Hwoarang CannedBread
Immortals (Tag Team) WilliamLeighton
Inuyasha Inuyakagura
Iron Shiek (2) Show
1 SVRRulez
2 Ratface
IRS JPDean310
Island Diamond Evrbody
Ivory (Various Attires) Eric1Walt3
Jack Evans tf2
Jack the Ripper takerfan0018
Jacqueline CenaFan101
Jak CannedBread
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Kingcobra85
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts (Various Attires) BhangraMan
James Storm (2) Show
1 CaptainRandom77
2 Dan Fookes & CaptainRandom77
Jamie Madrox 2Dope18
Jamie Noble Dan Fookes
Janet Jackson PitBullet
Jason P Kemmerlin JPK
Jason Voorhees Gamefix
Jay Briscoe Dan Fookes
Jay Lethal CaptainCAWisma
Jeff Hardy (3) Show
1 Ken?
2 WolfgangJT
3 CJ
Jeff Hardy (2/4/05 Impact Attire) K.O.T.W
Jeff Hardy (3X Logo Attire) EdgecatedLuke
Jeff Hardy (Green Attire) EdgecatedLuke
Jeff Hardy (JBI Attire) Deathvalley666
Jeff Hardy (Various Attires) Jack Hardy
Jeff Jarrett (3) Show
1 Dan Fookes
2 CannedBread
3 The Dominator
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