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SmackDown! vs RAW CAWs

Name ↓ Creator
Brian Pillman Bhangra Man
British Bulldog (2) Show
1 TomRice
2 Nobody
Britney Spears Langawi
Brock Lesnar (3) Show
1 Sho_gun
2 STG (Spear the Game)
3 Ceilican
Brock Lesnar (Spine Attire) WolfgangJT
Brolly (Dragonball Z) blackcell8
Brooklyn Brawler Doctorrock
Bruce Lee Coke Lita
Bruiser Brody Ryno23
Bryan Danielson Dan Fookes
Buffy FlamedLiquid
Burchill Alanajty
Bushwacker Butch Ratface
Bushwacker Luke Ratface
Bushwackers (Luke & Butch) ManicH6
Butthead Deathvalley666 & DevilsPlayground
Candice Michelle Batista's #1 Fan
Candy Cane (Rumble Roses) FlamedLiquid
Captain America avoidthemedow
Captain Charisma Thuganomics69
Carl (ATHF) jimmyjam121
Carlito (4) Show
1 CaseyBarlow
2 Shockster
3 Shockster & Dawgwood
4 WolfgangJT
Carlton Banks Bloodhound Gang
Carmen Electra CokeLita
Cat Matman
Catwoman smackraw619
Charlie Haas Backlashmassacre
Chase Stevens (2) Show
1 nawtydude
2 Dan Fookes
Chisty Hemme SBK
Chris Benoit (3) Show
1 deadman1206
2 Backlashmassacre
3 Smiley8533
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