WWE2K14 – Day 1 360 Creations

Well WWE2K14 is officially out in the States, and already The Community has been busy creating content. Yesterday we showed you some from the PS3 side and today here’s just a few from the 360 side. Now with the game celebrating 30 Years Of WrestleMania, you can’t have WrestleMania without the first ever main event featuring Mr. T! Here’s one that’s LIVE to download by Dre41

Untitled 635 Untitled 636 Untitled 637
Along with Mr. T, Dre41 has also made this amazing Rob Van Dam which I’m sure everybody will want to add to their roster ASAP.

Untitled 638 Untitled 639 Untitled 640 Untitled 641Or it you’re after a more iMPACT! Wrestling feel, why not check this out uploaded by bobby de niero, with credit to Dr Vries, Shock800, The D, rjvecw and Bobby himself.

Untitled 642And here’s some creations I made using the all-new Superstar Heads; The Rock as Ref and Prototype John Cena!
Untitled 643 Untitled 644 Untitled 645 Untitled 646

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