New Action Arcade Wrestling Patch really changing the gameplay

Bug fixes and multiple Grapple option

Whos says a dollar can’t go a long way. Well it’s about too. Dave Horn (Creator of AAW) has released info on the latest patch coming for the game over on there Official Facebook Page. Read about it below.

fixed (I think) the code 3 errors

* ability to kick a running opponent

* more randomized cpu vs. cpu grapple wins

* added the chokeslam to the finishers

* atomic drop

* earthquake splash

* death valley driver

* fixed a cheat

* and a HUGE surprise. Never before seen in wrestling video games! Choose from 3 completely different…. ?

You can choose from 3 different… GRAPPLE CONTROL SCHEMES!
Yes, now AAW let’s you play how you want. 1. Play the original way with QTE’s, 2. use “B” to to grapple (can be dodged by with “A”), 3. Timing based (Fire Pro Wrestling style)- the wrestlers will initiate a grapple when close, and you hit the “A” button as soon as they lock up to win the grapple.

AAW patch should be available at any moment.

Keep checking back for the latest news on Action Arcade Wrestling

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