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Move by Leonhearth

Date added: 11th October 2008
Viewed: 6114 times
Rating: 6.3/10 (16 votes)

Kaz Moveset

Punches 1: Chop

Punches 2: Default

Kicks 1: Basement Dropkick

Grabs 1: Hurricanrana

Grabs 2: Mexican Head Scissors

Grabs 3: Neckbreaker

Grabs 4: Tornado DDT

Grabs 5: Death Valley Driver

Grabs 6: Default

Grabs 7: Default

Counters 1: Knockdown Chop

Counters 2: Leg Sweep

Aerial 1: Default

Submission: Default

Aerial 2: Default

Aerial 3: Default

Finisher: D.O.A (Cause he's Suicide...) or whatever you want
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