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Finishers Selection
Move by TheFrench

Date added: 20th September 2008
Viewed: 13210 times
Rating: 3.9/10 (97 votes)

Black Pearl :
The Stroke ("Reverse" Pearl Slam wich is a STO)

Chris Mordesky (Chris Masters) :
Military Slam/Scorpion Death Drop

Jon Heidenreich :
Black Hole Slam (Spinning Side Slam)

Jungle Pac :
Suicide's Finisher (I don't remember the name)

Juventud Guerrera :
Dragon Suplex (Bridging Dragon Suplex)

Kishi (Rikishi) :
Canadian Destroyer (Replace for Rikishi Driver lol)
Or use Military Slam

Mini Dragon :
Suicide's Finisher (Because he is High-Flyer)

Orlando Jordan :
Hangman's Neckbrkr (Black Ice)

Spartan 3000 B.C :
The Stroke (And of his Death Star DDT)

Supernova :
Scorpion Death Drop (DDT 2)

The Ultimate Warrior :
Military Slam

Ultimo Dragon :
Sonjay Cutter (Asai DDT/Dragon DDT)

Vampire Warrior (Gangrel) :
Jacknife Powerbomb

Vito :
Angel's Wings (Mix of Code Of Silence/Double Arm DDT)

Rob Van Dam :
I Don't Know ^^

Romero Roselli :
I Don't Know ^^
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