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Tyson Kidd
CAW by Killswitch Punk

Date added: 15th June 2009
Viewed: 15219 times
Rating: 6.4/10 (64 votes)

Name: Tyson Kidd
Display: Kidd

NOTE: Come on guys be a little easy!! This game is very limited and with what was available I did a damn good job. They didn't have the hair so I just did buzzed and the facial features aren't the best but I did my best.

Images did get stretched somehow and coloring may be off in skin tone :(

The head is NOT that wide its these stupid full screen pics!!

This CAW looks great the pics distort that


Mouth: 13

Nose: 3




Ears: 10

Hair: 2,1 [BEST HAIR....closest you can get with such limited hair :( ]

Jaw Line: 12

Shirt: 28,1,1

Pants: 2,4,1

Shoes: 3,7,1

Left Knee: 14,1,1

Right Knee: 14,1,1

Left Hand: 4,1,1

Right Hand:2,4,1
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