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The Miz
CAW by AwesomeNXT3 (Jordan Cherry)

Date added: 26th September 2010
Viewed: 22404 times
Rating: 4.4/10 (52 votes)

Wrestling Style: Brawler or Grappler

Flesh Tone:Number 1/Skin Type 1

Body Type:Strong/Muscle Tone:1

Necklace: n/a

Mouth: 8

Nose: 24

Eye: Number 1/Color 3

Eyebrow: Number 4/Color 3

Brow: 2

Ears: 12

Hair: Number 23/Color 1

Facial Hair: none

Jaw Line: 13

Eye Ware: none

Pants:Number 1/Color 2/Decal 3

Shoes:Numder 8/Color 2/Decal 3

Left Knee and Right Knee:Number 2/Color 2/Decal 1

Left Hand:Number 5

Right Hand:Number 2
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