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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

Andre the Giant
CAW by Bhangra Man

Formula legend:C= Color, S=Shade, T=Transparency, L=Length
(Left analogue stick) ,( right anolgue stick)


1.)Skin 9,C(X: -90,Y: -14),S(X: 14)
2.)Face: 18,Face Model 2,Figure(X: 14,Y: 0),Shape(X:0,Y: 0), Age(X:
Head(X: -18,Y: 0)
Eyebrows(X: 0,Y : 30)
Eyes: 30,Y: -54),(X: 0,Y: -66)
Nose(X: -6,Y: 2),(X: 0,Y: -24)
Cheek(X: 36)
Mouth(X: 28,Y: -45),(X: -33)
Jaw(X: 21,Y: 74),(X: -16)

3.)Eyes: 24,C(X: 1,Y: -10),S(X: -37)
4.)Eyebrow 38,C(X: -94,Y: -45),S(X: 25)
5.)Lips: 38,C(X: -97,Y: -35),S(X: 4)
6.)Hair: 27,C(X: -92,Y: 9),S(X: 0)
7.)Underwear: 15,1,1,C(X: 12,Y: -40),S(X: 0)
8.)Headpaint: 16,C(X: -90,Y: 1),S(: 14),T(X: -100)
9.)Make up: 52,C(X: -91,Y: 4),S(X: 8),T(X: 0)
10.)Facial hair: 3,C(X: -89,Y: -8),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
11.)Design>Picture: 57,smallest size, rotate 3*,40 clicks down,41
clicks left, C(X: -75,Y: -84),S(X: 46),T(X: 36)
12.)Design>Picture: 57,smallest size, rotate 3*,40 clicks down,36
clicks right, C(X: -65,Y: -84),S(X: 47),T(X: 38)
13.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs 1/7,'(',biggest size, rotate 3*,2 clicks
left,2 clicks down,C(X: -86,Y: -2),S(X: -9),T(X: 100)
14.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs 1/7,'(' second smallest soze, rotate 2*,4
clicks left, 1 click down,C(X: -90,Y: -4),S(X: -34),T(X: 100)
15.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs 1/7,4th coloumn , last row,rotate 2*,37
clicks down, 3 clicks left,C(X: -88,Y: -16),S(X: -35),T(X: 27)
16.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs 1/7,First sign on page, biggest
size,rotate 2*,15 clicks down,10 clicks right,C(X: -95,Y: -10),S(X: -46),T(X:
17.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs 1/7,First sign on page, biggest
size,rotate 1*,16 clicks down,14 clicks left,C(X: -85,Y: -10),S(X: -36),T(X: 18)
18.)Accessories>Face>Make up: 6,C(X: 0,Y:0),S(X: -14),T(X: -31)
19.)Design>Simple>Face>second smallest size,42 clicks right, 5 clicks
up,C(X: -45,Y: -40),S(X: -34),T(X: 100)
20.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs, second row, last coloumn,biggest size,47
clicks down,(Part of creating upper lip),C(X: -92,Y: -13),S(X:
-31),T(x: 100)
21.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs, second row, last coloumn,biggest size,47
clicks down, 5 clicks left,(second part of creating upper lip),C(X:
-92,Y: -13),S(X: -31),T(x: 100)
22.)Accessories>Face>Make up: 53,C(X: -91,Y: -38),S(X: 5),T(X: -45)
23.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>5th coloumn,5th row,second smallest
size,rotate 2*,35 clicks down,15 clicks left,C(X: 100,Y: -4),S(X: -39),T(X:
24.)Design>Letters>Face>Signs>5th coloumn,5th row,second smallest
size,35 clicks down,15 clicks left,C(X: 100,Y: -4),S(X: -39),T(X: 100)
25.)Design>Face>Simple: 138,smallest size,rotate 1*,15 clicks up, 10
clicks right,C(X: -86,Y: 17),S(X: -18),T(X: -11)
26.)Design>Face>Simple: 138, smallest size,17 clicks up, 12 clicks
left,C(X: -86,Y: 19),S(X: -18),T(X: -25)
27.)Costume: 16,1,C(X: 12,Y: -100),S(X: -100),T(X: 100),L(X: 100)
28.)Tights:1,1,C(X: -89,Y: 5),S(X: -34),T(X: 100),L(X: -65)
29.)Belt :1,C(X: 16,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
30.)Underwear: 1,1,C(X: 12,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X:100)
31.)Design>Body>Simple:147, rotate 1*,biggest size, place to cover up
flesh Showing on Body in attire on stomach area,C(X: 19,Y: -100),S(X:
-100),T(X: 100)
32.)Shoes: 13,1,1,C(X: 12,Y: -100),S(X: 0)
33.)Socks:9,18,1,C(X: -81,Y: -100),S(X: -100),T(X: 100),L(x: 16)

Body Morphing, (X: 92,Y: 84)
Head(X: -28,Y: -16),(Y: 0)
Neck(X: 48,Y: 53),(Y: -34)
Chest(X: 100,Y: -18),(Y: 5)
Shoulder(X: -27,Y: 62),(Y: -20)
Abdomen(X: 58,Y: 74),(Y: 56)
Arms(X: 9,Y: 47),(Y: -52)
Forearms(X: -19,Y: -11)
Hands(X: 51,Y: 25),(Y: 31)
Waist(X: 45,Y: 3)
Thigh(X: 22,Y: 6)
Legs(X: -17,Y: -15),(Y: -66)
Feet(X: -29,Y: -7),(Y: -43)

Height 7'2" looks even bigger in game he was 7'4" in reality
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