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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

Create A Superstar Create A Movesets Guides & Presets

Amazing Red
CAW by BhangraMan

Formula legend:C= Color, S=Shade, T=Transparency, L=Length
(Left analogue stick) ,( right anolgue stick)


1.)Skin: 1,C(X: -92,Y: -1),S(X: 11)
2.)Face: 11,Face Model :11,Figure(X: 0,Y: 0),Shape(X: 0,Y: 0)
Head(X:0,Y: 21)
Eyebrow(X:0,Y: 21)
Eyes(X: 54,Y: 4),(X: 20,Y: -36)
Nose(X: 11,Y: 24),(X: 1,Y: 3)
Cheek(X: 0)
Mouth(X: -21,Y: 1),(X: 0)
Jaw(X: 0,Y: 24),(X: 0)

3.)Eyes: 25,C(X: 67,Y: 9),S(X: 0)
4.)Eyebrows: 51,C(X: -88,Y: -10),S(X: 0)
5.)Lips: 29,C(X: 98,Y: -11),S(X: 8)
6.)Hair:56,C(X: -85,Y: -27),S(X: 33),L(X: 72)
or Hair 6,C(X: -85,Y: 30),S(X: 10),L(X: 72)
then go back to Face edit and for head do (X: -47,Y: 73)
7.)Defualt Underwear
8.)Design>Face> Letters>Signs 1/7> 6th row, 4th coloumn, smallest size,rotate 3*,22 clicks left, 13 clicks down,C(X: -91,Y: 4),S(X: -37),T(X: 100)
9.)Design>Face> Letters>Signs 1/7> 6th row, 4th coloumn, smallest size,rotate 3*,13 clicks down,16 clicks right,C(X: -91,Y: 4),S(X: -37),T(X: 100)
10.)Design>Face> Letters>Signs> 1/7,'/',smallet size,13 clicks right, 15 clicks down,C(X: -84,Y: -3),S(X: -20),T(X: 88)
11.)Accessories>Face>Make up: 60,C(X: -92,Y: 33),S(X: 2),T(X: 100)
12.)Design>Face>Simple: 147, second smallest size,25 down, 20 right,C(X: -89,Y: 79),S(X: -37),T(X: -38)
13.)Design>Face>Simple: 147,second smallest size,21 down, 15 right,C(X: -89,Y: 79),S(X: -37),T(X: -38)
14.)Elbow pads: 14,1,C(X: 12,Y: -70),S(X: 0), T(X: 100)

**Attire 1: IMPACT Attire**

15.)Gloves: 2,1,C(X: 12,Y: -80),S(X: 0)
16.)Wristband: 1,1,C(X: 12,Y: -80), S(X: -24),T(X: 100),L(X: 83)
17.)Shoes: 7,1,1,C(X: -72,Y: -80),S(X: 0),L(X: -100)
18.)Caps & Hats: 11,85,C(X: 100,Y: -6),S(X: -5)
19.)Pants: 21,1,6,C(X: 100,Y: 9),S(X: 44)
20.)Long hemline: 8,1,1,C(X: 12,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100),L(X: 100)

**Now time for IMPACT logo
21.)Design>Body: WWE: 18, second biggest size, rotate 2*,5 clicks up, 2 clicks right,C(X: 78,Y: 9),S(X: 0).T(X: 100)
22.)Design>Body: Tatoo 3, rotate 2*, biggest size,19 clicks down,C(X: 33,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
23.)Design>Left leg,Simple: 152, second smallest size, 39 clicks down,18 clicks right,C(X: 100,Y: 51),S(X:0)
24.)Design>Letters>Body>Alphabet: 1/16,Second smallest size,'M',8 clicks left, 3 clicks up
25.)Design>Letters>Body>Alphabet: 1/16,Second smallest size,'P',3 clicks up, 2 clicks right,C(X: -98,Y: 21),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
26.)Design>Body>WORD: 19,Second smallest size,14 clicks right, 2 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: 89),S(X: 24),T(X: 100)
27.)Design>Body>letters>Alphabet: 2/16, 'i',second smallest size,19 clicks left, 6 clicks left, make red
28.)Design>Body>Letters>Alphabet: 1/16, 'T',second biggest size,21 clicks right,2 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: 100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
29.)Design>Body>Simple: 50,Second biggest size, rotate 2*,8 clicks right, 4 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: -38),S(X: -100),T(X: 20)

30.)Design>Left leg,Simple: 88,second biggest size,16 clicks down,12 clicks right,C(X: 22,Y: 63),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
31.)Design>Left leg,Simple: 89,second biggest size,rotate 1*,16 clicks right, 3 clicks up,C(X: 22,Y: 63),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
32.)Design>Left leg,Simple: 134,second smallest size,11 clicks right, 3 clicks up,C(X: 100,Y: 61),S(X:0),T(X: 100)
33.)Design>Left leg,Simple: 89, smallest size,rotate 1*,12 clicks right,C(X: -17,Y: 100),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
34.)Design>Right leg,Simple: 151,biggest size,18 clicks left,14 clicks down,C(X: 100,Y: 59),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
35.) Design> Body>Letters>Signs> 1/7, 4 across, 6 down, smallest size,7 clicks left, make red but you also put a logo on the back using WWE: 21, second smallest size,C(X: -52,Y: -5),S(X: 39),T(X: 40)

**Attire 2: Red with white designs

Change Hair: 30,C(X: -96,Y: 0),S(X: 0),L(X: 72) than:

15.)Wristband:1,1,C(X: 100,Y: -5),S(X: 10),T(X: 100),L(X: 89)
16.)Shoes: 7,1,1,C(X: -72,Y: -80),S(X: 0),L(X: -100)
17.)LowerBody Accessories: 3,C(X: 100,Y: 42),S(X: 24),T(X: 100)
18.)Caps & Hats: 11,89,C(X: -80,Y: -20),S(X: 0)
19.)Long hemline: 4,1,1,C(X: -97,Y: 9),S(X: 19),T(X: 100),L(X: 100)
20.)Short Pants: 8,1,C(X: 100,Y: 9),S(X: 0)
21.)Design> Body,Simple: 153,biggest size,29 clicks left, 12 clicks up,C(X: 19,Y: 100),S(X: -100),T(X: -100)
22.)Design> Body,Simple: 145, biggest size,15 clicks left,C(X: 19,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
23.)Design> Body,Simple: 20, second biggest size,62 clicks down, 1 click left,C(X: 21,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
24.)Design>Body,Simple: 153,biggest size,18 down, 31 clicks left,C(X: 19,Y:100),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
25.)Design>Body,Simple: 153,biggest size, 12 clicks up, 29 clicks right,C(X: 19,Y: 100),S(X: -100),T(X: -100)
26.)Design>Simple: 153,Biggest size,18 down, 31 right,C(X: 19,Y: 100),S(X: -100),T(X: -100)
27.)Design>Body,Simple: 145,biggest size, 16 clicks right,C(X: 19,Y: -100),S(X: 0),T(X: 100)
28.)Design>Picture: 64, second biggest size,right leg,rotate 2*,17 clicks down,14 clicks left,C(X: -68,Y: 9),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
29.)Design>Picture: 64, second biggest size,Left leg,rotate 2*,19 clicks down,14 clicks right,C(X: -68,Y: 9),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
30.)Design>Simple>Body:150, second biggest size,rotate 1*,68 clicks down,25 clicks right, C(X: -41,Y: 100),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
31.)Design>Simple>Body:150, second biggest size,,67 clicks down,23 clicks left, C(X: -41,Y: 100),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)
32.)Design,WWE: 3, Body,second smallest size,40 clicks down, 1 click right, C(X: 97,Y: 9),S(X: -100),T(X: 100)

Layers 33-35, WRite RED on BUTT,using alpahbet 7/16 for R and D and for E use 1/16,'R','E','D', second smallest size and make letters white, also maybe delete a diagonal line on face and out a rectangle behind the letters with transpareny 9 and color -100 so it gives the writing outline

Body Morphing (X: 0,Y: 0)
Head(X: -29,Y: -27),(Y: -11)
Neck(X: 48,Y: 53),(Y: -34)
Chest(X: 19,Y: -10),(Y: 5)
Shoulder(X: -100,Y: 19),(Y: -20)
Abdomen(X: 46,Y: -32),(Y: -37)
Arms(X: 9,Y: -25),(Y: -52)
Forearms(X: -19,Y: -11)
Hands(X: 15,Y: -23),(Y: -71)
Waist(X: -22,Y: 3)
Thigh(X: -9,Y: 10) make Thigh (X: -53,Y: -46) with second attire above
Legs(X: 44,Y: 16),(Y: -13), make Legs (X: 26,Y: -15),(Y: -53) for second attire
Feet(X: -29,Y: -7),(Y: -43)

Height 5'6"
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