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AJ Styles
CAW by HumanHighlightReel

+Edit Parts+
Face/19/Face Model 10:
- Figure: 0,0
- Shape: 0,0
Age: X:-100
Head: X:0, Y:5
Eyebrow: X:15, Y:20
Eyes: X:5. Y:-15, X:30, Y:-45
Nose: X:10, Y:-30, X:-10, Y:20
Cheek: X:-20
Mouth: X:15, Y:35, X:0
Jaw: X:-35, Y:-10, X:-10

Skin: 1/Now/ X:-92, Y:8, X:-1
Hair: 29/ X:-90, Y:5, X:0
Eyebrows: 149/ X:-90, Y:-5, X:0
Eyes: 30/ X:-75, Y:15, X:-15
Facial Hair: 69/ X:100, Y:5, X:-100, X:-100
Accessories: Head/Jewelry: 4/ X:100, Y:10, X:-100, X:-70
Upper Body Accessories: 15/ X:0, Y:-100, X:-100, X:100
Wrist Bands: 5/1 X:0, Y:-70, X:-100, X:100, X:100
Elbow Pads: 15/1/1 X:0, Y:-90, X:-100, X:100
Tights: 2/1 X:55, Y:0, X:-25, X:100, X:100
Shoes: 7/1/1 X:0, Y:-70, X:-100, X:0
Knee Pads: 10/1 X:0, Y:-70, X:-100, X:100
Lower Body Accessories: 3/ X:55, Y:10, X:-25, X:100
Knee Pads: 13/1/1 X:0, Y:-65, X:-100, X:-100
Knee Pads: 5/1 X:0, Y:-65, X:-100, X:-100

Design/Letters/R Leg/Reduce Too Smallest: X:0, Y:-100, X:-100, X:10
Design/Letters/R Leg/Reduce Too Smallest: X:0, Y:100, X:-100, X:10
- put these on the front/side of the shorts. with the A higher than the J.

Design/Letters/L Leg/Font 1/ STYLES: X:0, Y:50, X:-100, X:80
S/Reduce 2/ - put the "s" on the front of the leg like you can see.
T/Reduce 3/ - now put the "T" exactly beside it. with like ONE little space between them
Y/Reduce 3/ - now put the "Y" about 4 or 5 clicks away from that "T", and put it up higher 2 or 3 clicks than the "T" is. so your slowly sloping up.
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