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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Adolf Hitler
CAW by Augustine

- Formula:
Face = 25 (face model 24) (22,-30)(22,50)(39 old)
EYebrow= -8,12
Eyes=-7,7 -14,6
Nose=-34,7 -29,5
Mouth=13,-3 8
Jaw=2,11 -15
Skin=Model 6 Tone= 2 Default(or your preference)
Hair=model 17 (100,-100) 100
Eyebrows=Model 29 (-86,-100) (89)
Eyes=Model 15 (100,2) (41)
Facial Hair=model 7
Lips=Unpainted (unless you want to make flaming queen adolf)
LONG HEMLINE///Model 11-1-1 (JUst make it white and long sleeved)
Shoes=Model 8-1-1 (Make them black)Length is up to you
Upper Body Accesories=model 3 (black)
Tights= model 1-1-1 (-88,-56)Length=5
Jacket=Model 7-1-1 (-87,-63)
Belt=Model 19 (38,-64) (-84 Mono)


To make his strap crossing his chest and his back just use DESIGN/SIMPLE/Model 146 Twice and position them front and back accordingly.

To make his iron cross medal just use 4 Capital T's (FROM LETTER ALPHABET 5 of 16) rotated accordingly (I will post a picture) and place the created design just above hjis left breast below the lapele of the jacket. Color=(95,-51) (-64 shade MONO)

To Make the swastika armband (the toughest part) use two simple designs model 153 (both of them a semi-bright red)and have them wrap horizontally around the arm just above the bend (size is up to you I prefer second largest just to make the s... sorry I lost the end of the formula
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