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In Topic: TNA Wrestling by Kid Glory 19/01/14 (Roode v.1 Uploaded + AJ Styles v.2 Petey...

19 January 2014 - 06:50 AM



Bobby Roode v.1 Uploaded

( 3 Attires / Moveset / Entrance )


Keywords: "Bobby" "Roode" "TNA"

Gamertag: Y U NOSAY HI ME

In Topic: TNA Wrestling by Kid Glory 19/01/14 (Roode v.1 Uploaded + AJ Styles v.2 Petey...

18 January 2014 - 03:25 PM


  • AJ Styles v.2 uploaded.
  • Bobby Roode v.1 upload at some stage today.
  • Previews to follow..


Some suggestions for AJ:


Honestly i think the whole face morphing needs to be reworked, here are some good refs:


I think you should change the template to 5, 6 or 7. You'll really get better results with the nose and eye area. :)


Beard looks wrong also, i think you should use combinations 3, sideburns 14 and moustache 11.

Reduce the age a bit, to fit the shorter hair attire, it won't affect the current attires anyways since the forehead gets covered.


Also the boots... the left leg one should say ''1'' not phenomenal on both. :P


Hope i helped. :)


Thanks for the honesty, the constructive criticism and the awesome refs, I've performed the majority of your suggestions and have uploaded v.2, will maybe have pics a little later on or tomorrow, thanks for the feedback and suggestions. :)


Great job buddy!  Looking forward to getting your next bacth of textures :)


Hey Chris, hope you're all good man,

You're help and assistance in getting these facial textures and logos up is awesome and appreciated muchly and I'm pleased you like how v2 AJ turned out, I think we can do slightly better if I were to chop up the attire a little more but I'm hoping that will do for now as I've moved onto the "IT FACTOR" Bobby Roode and am hoping to upload v.1 hopefully later today, I'm just trying to decide which hair I prefer currently... I'm going to try and track down some of the logos for the attires now so I may pm them through to you later on or tomorrow if that sounds okay? I've got another couple of packs of logos/textures I'll send through to you when you're finished with the first pack and ready to take on more as I really don't want to barrage you with requests.

Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, I've been assisting in some painting & decorating and it's all taking slightly longer than originally anticipated, so my free time has been somewhat restricted.


Would it be cool to add credits to the next set of textures I send through as I've seen them being used a lot recently and it does take a wee while for us to put them all together and perform the touch ups/tweaks to some, so recognition for the work we're putting in would be nice and a bit of a motivator in getting more done too.


Thanks bud!

Will speak soon, take it easy man. :)

Will you be doing 50-100 caws?


A lot has come up for me recently so I highly doubt it, this is also why I'm not quite staying up to date with my topics on the whole. I am now with Spirito's help hoping to at least get a couple of pages worth of CAW content on CC.



Are you going to do the rest of Team Canada. Like EY, Roode and Coach D'Amore.


Thanks bud, you must've read my mind eh, yeah man I'm working on a mixed slot Bobby Roode right now which will feature probably his white team Canada attire and the rest should follow a little later on down the line. :)

In Topic: TNA Wrestling by Kid Glory 19/01/14 (Roode v.1 Uploaded + AJ Styles v.2 Petey...

10 January 2014 - 12:33 AM


"The Voice Of TNA"

Don West


V.1 Uploaded 10/01/13



(Gamertag: Y u nosay hi me)

(Tags: Don NWA TNA West)


  • Don West Uploaded. (with 4 attires, moveset & entrance). - Huge credit and thanks to BigChrisSpirito for helping make all of this possible.  :cool:

More TNA affiliates past and present to follow as well as West images which should be added at some stage tomorrow. :)

In Topic: Invisibleman's CMLL/AAA LuchaCaws! ::: Extreme Tiger Preview ::: Tons...

07 January 2014 - 06:17 PM

Out of the AAA textures Fried sent over, I want to make Silver King and possibly Extreme Tiger. I might just upload a few more textures and see what people do with them. I textured Wagner earlier and he looks great!

Also, I uploaded a lucha style Heisenburg arena...made for no particular reason.

Santo will go up in about 3-4 hours. Felino might too.


:D - Will have to check out that Heisenberg arena for sure, thanks for all the great work put in here.


I've no idea why but I've had your Hillbilly Jim on my roster for a while and I can't see it being removed anytime soon. (Not a fan of his particularly it's just really impressive work)


Are you going to be covering anymore unmasked wrestlers at all?


A Konnan would be cool if it were something you were to be at some point interested in.


*Sorry if all this has been mentioned before.




*I see more now :facepalm:..  Missed Rush & Casas. :)

In Topic: Mil Muertes / Fenix - Fried's Masked Caws

07 January 2014 - 06:06 PM

Hey Fried!


Thanks for the awesome La Parka, my WCW roster would be not be complete without "The Chairman". :chair: