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*Save Is Here and Rdy for Download* LEGENDS OF WRESTLING SAVE

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Save is done and rdy for download, I only have the Save upload for Air Max NTSC but if someone would be so nice as to convert the save to the other formats I would really appreciate it. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this truly awesome save.. you know who u are.. please enjoy some of my best caws, and please don't change them all up and make them all cheap and shit, I really hate that.. I have alot more caws and if all goes smooth I will do another 1, but time will tell, but for now here is "The Legends Of Wrestling Save"...


as i said its only in max format NTCS rite now, and if anyone could please convert it i would really appreciate it thanks again... Rco Dudley3d


and heres a few in game pics..


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Kaufman's morphing looks weird (head/shoulder area), and Bradshaw's chest designs should be smaller. And of course, they could all use some face morphing tweaking here and there. :)

BTW, you spelled "Flair" incorrectly. :P

Loving the Raven "Punisher" shirt, BTW.

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just asking is that your Rock morphing cuz as is doesnt look like it i can easily check by getting someone to type up the form for me and checking it with mine

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Ric Flair is complete and so is Alondra Blayze aka. Madussa.. Typhoon is also complete.. now just trying to finish a couple others and get a set list of the legends that will be included.. keep watching for more news.

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Hi there people, I would like to mention that I will be collaborating on this save with RCO-DudLey3D and about 20 of his caws & 10 of mine will be released...after this save is released in about a week by TheGringoKiller5150, this save will get mad reviews....then as you all know TheGringoKiller5150's Tag Team save will come out a couple of weeks later, then my FULL 30 caw save all created by me will be released which includes some of the ones that are on this save.

So expect a great save & the Ekmo & Kimo (The Island Boys; Jamal & Rosey) were created by me as well on The GringoKiller5150's gamesave...we are in the works & all 3 of these saves & it will have everything unlocked EXACTLY as how it says for the Tag Team gamesave.

RCO-DudLey3D...you are a GREAT caw-maker & thanks for letting me be a part of this save....I am honored to help out & hold out on my save, to release yours first, and give a little taste of what I have in store for this great save...

I will trade you the guys that are definitely going on this save, so you can post the pictures of them which includes:

Bruno Sammartino
Killer Kowalski
Jesse Ventura
Sgt. Slaughter
The Lightning Kid (Sean Waltman 1991)
Mr. T (Wrestlemania 3)
Wendi Richter
Essa Rios
Rey Mysterio Jr. (unmasked WCW with Hilfiger overalls)
Brock Lesnar (F-5 Fury shirt: HCTP)

You all enjoy...and DudLey will keep posting updates, take care...


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[quote name='PunjabiNThaFlesh' post='1640927' date='Apr 9 2007, 09:53 PM']Not to hate but whats up with the old school sting with a suit on ? lol[/quote]

He wore the suit in his entrance.

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rythem & blues was a tag team witch was the Honky Tonk Man and Greg "the hammer" Valentine..

and thanks for all the great ratings on some ofthe caws u see above.. I, like many caw makers, put alot of time, work and study to try to get it as perfect as we possibly can, and I have put alot of time into each and every caw from me on this save and hope everyone enjoys these great legends... I just hope people dont change them all up and mk them all cheap, but its inevitable..

Also, I have included a truly "BIG" legend to this save that was requested and sounded like a good choice to fill the roster out.. so here is hopefully the full list of caws that I will be adding to this save, here it goes

The Natural Disasters
Rythem & Blues
Mr. America
Andy Kaufman
Scott Steiner
Alundra Blayze
Big Boss Man
Big John Studd
Ric Flair
2 versions of The Undertaker, Old School, as well as Big Evil
might include my $1,000 shirt Rock caw not sure if there will be enough room

and maybe a couple other special last min add on caws...

thanks for all the intrest in the save and if everyone likes the caws maybe I'll do another one in the future... thanks again, should be rdy by Monday.. maybe sooner.

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[font="Arial"]Will you be posting the save onto the main save area, or will it be in the forums??

also, your caws are al 10000000/10... i can't wait for the save to be up!

Also, do you have a set date?[/font]

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