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more total control moves

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i think svr needs more total control moves so i thought of some myself

caught kick (forgot what its called u no like what shelton and rvd do)
the move would be u go to kick ur opponent but ur oppenet catches it then u have ur choice
R^- a enzugri(sp)
R- the spin around kick (the 1 shelton does again forgot what its called)
R>- the kick where it looks like he just missed his head but bounces back and kicks him in the face (RVDS move)

belly to belly
u would rap ur arms around ur opponent like ur huggin him
R^- a belly to belly over the head- this could throw ur opponent out the ring
R-u spin around and do like a body slam(what scott steiner does)
Rdown-manhatten drop

belly to belly2- this is more for super heavy weights
R-goes into a bear hug
R<>- multiple headbutts(the 1 where u liek trap them)
R^-belly to belly over the head

german suplex
u will duck under ur opponet and rap them from the back
R^-does 1 hard german suplex(maybe like the 1 lesnar used to do)-also could be used to throw over top ropes
R- multiple german suplexs- u would hit it then press up then hit it again until out of stamina or u let go
R>-back body slam

u will put ur opponenet in a head lock :spas:
R- u lock in the headlock real tight and can hold it until out of stamina or let go
R<>- does a bulldog
Rdown-drags them to the floor then basiclly does the R option on the floor

suplex #2
u will put ur oppenets arm of ur shoulder with out lifting
R-snap suplex
Raround-does the suplex where u swing up after it(like the 3 amigos)this can be done until stamina runs out or u break
Rdown-looks like more of a necbreaker but spins around with out lifting

there should also be some specials that are totql control like the 619 :spas: , and the alabama slam

allabama slam
Raround- to spin around liek holly does currently
Rdown-slams him down
R^- u like *censored* back with the opponet on ur shoulders to make the slam more powerful if done right

619-every1 knows this 1
thi 1s a lil differnet becaus eu have to do it while doing the move
Rdown- u jump off the ropes to do the leg drop
Rup-u do a hurracrana

tell if u liek or dislike or u think something is non real

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619 UCM-Finisher

it's gonna be like, get your opp. :spas: and then press the Finisher button, :mysterio: (or whoever) does the 619, and then when standing outside the ring taunting u can choose between:

R <- sringboard legdrop
R -> climbing turnbuckle to do Eddie's Frogsplash
press R springboard Hurracanrana

optional, could there be the seated senton, or a springboard crossbody or something else that looks cool

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i think they should make more UCM moves for cruiserweights when i was playing mysterio he only had like 1 control move to use on heavyweights and it was the ddt, they should do like 1s where u jump on there shoulders and have a choice and stuff

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yeah something like a mulriple choice hurracanrana/headscissor, or how about that: the main position is kinda standing dragonsleeper, and than u can choose from applying that sleeper, or doing something like a spining neckbreaker (like that one Mike Knox does) or to whip that opponents body down to your knee for a beackbreaker, or just to do something like a inverted suplex. that is move-flexibiliti... Hell Yeah :scsa:

or what about, like only UCM in the game, so you can choose in Create a Moveset, what 1st positioin u want for, an then choose what other moves to be added for that, that would cause a big amount of moves per character.
Now we have 4 directions every direction hast 4 moves and 1 UCM = 5 to 7 moves (including UCM choicec)
If you could go (SD!vs.RAW06 controls) pressing <= and O going into a lockup grapple, pressing again <=+O going into your own opening position 4 the move and then choose to do one of the possible moves.. makes minimum 64 moves... Whooooooo!

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[quote]Awesome, THQ + yukes Should visit CAWS.ws sometime.[/quote]

No, they just have to call me and then i will tell them what to do :P

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not bad

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