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Tom Rice

SD! vs RAW 2006 Updates

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WWE Roster CAWs V2 Save, TNA Roster CAWs Save , WCW/ECW CAWs for Invasion Save, All Unlocked Save 3, Marvel CAWs Save, Hardy Boyz CAW Save, Old School CAWs Save (70s,80s,90s Stars), Independent American Wrestling Save, Random CAW Save, WCW CAWs Save, WCW & nWo CAWs Save, Fighting Games CAWs Save, Ring of Honor Roster CAWs Save
[b]Wrestler CAWs[/b]
Robert Gibson, Tatanka 3, Shannon Moore 2, Animal 3
[b]Non-Wrestler CAWs[/b]
Derek Jeter
Bruno Sammartino, Giant Gonzales
Bruno Sammartino, Kyle Nobbs, Abyss 2
Stables Guide, Finisher Moves Guide

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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