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Non-Wrestler Move + Finisher Ideas

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I just wanted to make a thread where people can suggest ideas for finishers and moves for non-wrestler characters. If you have a idea that someone else might want to use then go ahead and post it.

Tom Cruise:

Earthquake (Opera's Sofa or I <3 Katy)
Spear 3 (Cruise Missle)

Freddy Kreugar

Iron Claw
Mandible Claw
Throat Thrust 6

Jason Vorhees

Bear Hug 1
Backbreaker 3

Adolf Hitler:

Octopus Stetch (Swatstika Stetch)

Super Mario:

Big Swing (Here we go!)
Go Round Pin, Foot Stamp, Diving Fameasser, Running Fameasser, Guillotine 4 (1 UP/ Mario Jumps on someone)

Rowdy Strike
Taijiri Mist (Supposed to be the poison that comes out of his flower)

Swanton Bomb 2, Diving Headbutt (Gamma Crush)

Spiral Bomb (Spinning Piledriver)
Clothesline 18 (Spinning Lariat)
German Suplex 7 or 8 (Final Atomic Buster)

Micheal Jackson:
Hips Struck
Guillotine 4


Rolling Thunder 3
Forehead Bite

Neo/Morpheus/Matrix Characters

Hurracanrana 6
Hurracanrana 7
DDT 21
DDT 19

Jennifer Lopez

Rump Shaker 2


JBL Powerbomb (Stoner Bomb)


The Gore (The Pounce!)

The Burger King:

Lift and Cutter (Burger Flipper)
Clothesline From Hell (The Whopper)

Al Bundy:

Spear 4
The Gore

Chuck Norris:
Buzzsaw Kick

That's it =P

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Vida Guerra
Kari Sweets
Brooke Burke
Emily Booth
Lacey Chabert
Harry Potter
Lindsay Lohan

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Vida Guerra - Rump shaker number 2, Hip Drop, Earthquake or Fameasser
Kari Sweets: Punch To Groin/Shattered Dreams (Blue Balls), Hips Struck (As far as you'll get) [Note: This is something I'd give any "non-nude" model, just teases I tell ya]
Ann-Angel - Edgecution or Pedigree (Angel's Wings), or something more feminine/generic like special women's slap
Brooke Burke - Same as Kari Sweets
Emily Booth - Running Big Boot... sorry I don't know who this really is, she seems to be into kick boxing
Lacey Chabert - No comment
Harry Potter - this should be obvious: Shining Wizard
Lindsay Lohan - Octopus Stetch (Swatstika Stetch (It looks like a swatstika to me, NON BELIEVERS TRY IT FOR YOURSELVES!)

It's alot harder to do women finishers, especially that of random models. When it's something like Harry Potter it's alot easier for me to connect a gimmick to it or find something connected to something they are well known for.

The garfield idea is pretty good, but wouldn't the running big boot be better?

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Quagmire (Family Guy)
The Money Shot Pin = The Money shot Pin or Getting Laid

Indiana Jones
Dirty Punch = The Indiana Jones Punch
Pipper Strikes = Deck The Nozi

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Jessica Alba
John McClane (Die Hard movies)
Samuel L. Jackson
Sandy Cohen (The OC)
Marissa Cooper (The OC)
Ja Rule
Charisma Carpenter
Goku (DragonBall Z)
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Garner
Milla Jovovich
Eva Longoria

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Hey, wasn't the Octopus Stretch originally called the Swastika Stretch, I'm sure there was some submission called that, I saw it somewhere...

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Pamela Anderson:

Head is Struck (Camel Toe)
Hips Struck (Spanking Time)

R. Kelly:

The Masterlock (Trapped in the Closet)

Kiefer Sutherland:

Super Last Call (The 24th Hour)
Mandible Claw (Interrogation)

Britney Spears:

Chick Kick (Britney Kick)
Over Castle (Oops, I Did It Again)


Powerbomb 5 or 14 (The Passion)


Diving Fist Drop (Purple Rain)
Brain Damage (3121)

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[quote]R. Kelly:

The Masterlock (Trapped in the Closet)[/quote]

I give you props for that one.

Jessica Alba - Pedigree/Edgecution (Angel's Wings)

Samuel L. Jackson - Tombstone Piledriver Pin (Dead African American Storage), Fury Punch 1 or Clothesline From Hell (Divine Intervention), Shattered Dreams (Masterless Rank) Earthquake (Tired of these MFing Snakes on the MFing Plane)

Sandy Cohen (The OC) - The Pedigree
Marissa Cooper (The OC) - The Pedigree

Ja Rule - 5 knuckle shuffle

Charisma Carpenter - Diving Fist Drop (Stake Through The Heart)

Goku (DragonBall Z) - Body Press Drop FW (Spirit Bomb, or Spirit Bomb Motion), Any Power Bomb (Spirit Bomb), Taijiri Karate Rush 1 or 2, Power up 2 (kaioken),
Other Ideas for Goku: Hurricanrana 7, Dragon Whip 2, Super Ninja, Steven Kick, 619, RVD Diving Kick, Flying Clothesline 3

Robocop - Fury Punch 1, Elbow To Back of The Head 1 or Elbow Attack 2 or other elbow attacks (Bionic Elbow), Choke Slingshot (Stun Gun), Big Punch 1, Clothesline 20, Powerful Knee Strike 2, Reverse Full Nelson or Powerbomb 10 (Prime Directive), Full Nelson (Cease and Desist), Full Nelson Bomb (Resisting Arrest)

Angelina Jolie - Forehead Bite 1 (Just Friends/Kiss of Death), Diving Headbutt (Flying Lip Drop)

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okay let's see you come up with some good finnishers for these guys.

Dr. Evil
Bugs Bunny
Hommer Simpson (I suggest The Worm for Hommer)
James Bond
The Mask
Elmer Fudd
George Washington
Captain Picard
Captain Kirk

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Street Fighter
Dhalism - Diving Headbutt or Diving Reverse Elbow (head drill), RVD Diving Kick (Leg Drill) (Can't use it as a special but as a rebound attack slingshot body splash 2 resembles his head drill)
M.Bison - Foot Stamp 2 or Diving Fameasser (Head Stomp), Diving Reverse Elbow or Dash Elbow (Psycho Crusher) (can't use as specials but Mule Kick (Head Stomp) and Diving Spinning Lariat (Psycho Crusher) are good moves for him)
Guile - Train Wreck (Flying Major/Air Throw), German Suplex Pin, Shooting Star Press (Flash Kick Splash)
Akuma - Spinning Kick (Hurricane Kick)Taijiri Karate Rush (Visible Raging Demon), Diving Side Kick (Air Hurricane Kick), Monkey Flip (HK Throw)

Homer Simpson - Bear Hug 1 or 2, Rump Shaker 2, Eugene Punch
James Bond - Combination 2 (Judo Chops), Reverse Chin Lock 2 (Neck Snapper)
The Mask - Rowdy Strike, Eugene Punch
George Washington - Shattered Dreams (Splitting the Cherry Tree)
Captain Kirk - Combination 2 (Judo Chops), Jumping Axehandle (Super Judo Strike)

When I come back from school I might do more

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[quote name='Kryptonite Krunch 77' post='86327' date='Apr 6 2006, 05:27 AM']Super Heroes
Venom(from spiderman)
Shuma Gorath[/quote]

Super Heroes
Venom(from spiderman) - Bear Hug 1 or 2, Full Nelson (Ways he overpowered spiderman and emphasise his stenght)
Spiderman - RVD Diving Kick or Diving Side kick (Maximum Spider), Taijiri Karate Rush 1 (Crawler Assault), Rolling Powerbomb (ultimate web throw (sadly can't be used as a special), of course there's also stuff like hurracanrana 7 aswell
Wolverine: Preferrably with claws: Finishing Punch, Rear Naked Choke (Ground Throw), Guillotine 4 (Sentinal Head Stab),
Gambit:Maybe: Molly Go Round: (Cajun Escape (Charge move) Clothesline From Hell (Cajun Strike), Steven Kick
Shuma Gorath: How would you even make him??? I can't work miracles lol, maybe a bear hug for chaos dimension.

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Mr. Clean?
Also can Ice Cube use a diffrnt move then an armbar as a finisher? His moveset i made isnt technical or damage the arms. So can you post a different finisher? I though maybe the FU as (the ghetto drop)

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Santa Claus:

Big Splash Pin (Kringle Krush)
Cyclone 2 (Naughty or Nice?)
Saving Grace (Stocking Stuffer)

Jessica Simpson:

Woman's Special Slap (The Divorce)
Chick Kick (Jessikick)

Ron Jeremy:

The Money Shot Pin
The Last Ride (Porno Bomb)


Kane Lifting & Toss (Demonic Possession)
Clothesline from Hell

Bill Gates:

Million $ Dream
Black Out (The Salary)

Christina Aguilera:

Dirty Punch (Dirrty Punch)
Haas of Pain (Genie in a Bottle)

Bruce Lee:

RVD Diving Kick (Enter the Dragon)
Tajiri Karate Rush (Dragon Combo)

Ashton Kutcher:

Steven Kick (Punk'd)

Mr. Clean:

Tigerbomb 3 (Cleaning Time)

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