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John Cena move set request (HCTP)

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If you do CPU vs CPU, the STF doesn't really work as a finisher. I gave him the crossface as a sub for the STFU as a secondary finish, and the STF as a regular ground move.

Things to add for current moveset:

Add Drop toehold, Headlock 1, Headlock takedown and Wrist clutch & knee to Submission grapple.

Add Fisherman Suplex Pin, Sidewalk Slam 1, Belly To Belly 2, Scoop Slam 2 to Signature grapple.

Add DDT 4, Scoop Slam 5, Suplex 4, Falling Powerslam 2 to Power grapple.

Add Small Package, Jawbreaker 1, Headbutt 1, Arm Drag 3 to Quick grapple.

For Back attack, I have it as Back side slam 2, Turning face front, bulldog 4, school boy pin 2; Jump over neckbreaker, inverted suplex 2, spinning out powerbomb2, mat slam 2.

Running Attack: Diving Shoulder (fav), Kurt Shoulder Block.

Aerial stand: Shoulder block 5 , Diving Fame Asser (sub for diving leg drop).

Grounded head grapple: Add Hawk Fist drop...as it's a fairly decent sub for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle.

Taunts - Add Slaughter 1 and/or 2 for the salut taunt.

Those are the major things.

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