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Ricasho/ Mccc

Ask what finishers A Wrestler uses in-game

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Which moves should I use for these moves?:

Ganso Bomb (A.K.A. Original Powerbomb)
Fireman's carry powerbomb
Rydeen bomb (A.K.A. sky lift powerbomb)
Inverted sitout side powerslam
Half nelson driver

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Ganso Bomb (A.K.A. Original Powerbomb)

Fireman's carry powerbomb

Rydeen bomb (A.K.A. sky lift powerbomb)(Spinebuster 2 or 3)

Inverted sitout side powerslam(Black Widow)

Half nelson driver

Amazing Red : corckscreew pin for infaraed and shooting start

Sharkboy: Diamond Dust

Matt Sydal: hog log and widows peak(after shock);

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[quote name='Cmpunk' post='12931' date='Feb 19 2006, 02:32 AM']Which ddt is the best for raven effect[/quote]
Most REALISTIC to it would be DDT 24 either that or the DDT where the guy lands on his head and stays vertical on his head for liek 2 secs I forgot which DDT it was lol

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Ashley Massaro: Diving cross body pin 2

Shannon Moore: Overcastle

Petey William's Canadian Destroyer: Sunset flip pin 2

Chris Sabin's Shellshocker: 99 crusher sense they took out samoan driver

CM Punk Moveset?

CM Punk Moveset for SVR2006
Created by Mcc301

Standard Actions:
Ring-Out: normal
swing arms
taunt outlaw 3
benoit 1
christian 2
Fighting Stance: wrestling 1
Walking Motion:normal
Running Motion: normal
Strike Attacks:
dropkick 2
toe kick 1
back chop 4
elbow smash 1
middle kick
outlaw punches 1
Grapple Moves:
arm drag 3
snapmare 2
headlock takeover
small package 1
back chop 8
eye rake 1
low blow 3
eye rake 2
suplex pin 1
reverse atomic drop
hammeer lock
headlock 4
arm wrench 3
snapmare & neck lock 1
kurt chickenwing

Moves 1 (power)
backbreaker 2( welcome to chicago)
back chop 7
powerbomb 13
suplex 10
back suplex 7
Moves 2 (techinical):
neckbreaker 4
jawbreaker 1
closthesline 22
extreme small package
sambo suplex(pepsi twist)
Moves 3 (speed)
dragon screw
float over ddt
step up ezuigirl if it's not ur finisher) if it is use kichen sink
suplex 12
snapmare & dropkick 1
Grapple Attack:
elbow stike 1
elbow strike 1
elbow strike 1
Grapple from behind:
backslide pin
bow & arrow 4
triple H low ki
elbow to back of head 2
russian legsweep 2
sleeper hold 4
knee breaker 2
cruiserweight moves 2
DDT 17
inverted suplex
Strike Attacks:
elbow drop 1
angry stomp
flip senton attack 1
Grapple Moves:
arm lock 2
body kick(dirty) abdominal stretch 2( clean)
hagakure( replacement for his shining wizard)
clover leaf
walls of jericho 2( replacement for his boston crab) or Tope atomico(clean) only for ROH though
mexican stretch 2
Strike Attacks:
Turnbuckle clothesline 1
Shining wizard 2
knee attack 1
Grapple Moves:
armbreaker 3( replacement for his leg drop to the arm only used in ROH) or back elbow strike for ovw
big back chop 1
triangle dropkick (clean) dirty punch ( dirty)
superplex 1
foot choke 1
stomp & choke
Grapple from Behind:
toss into ring post (dirty) neckbreaker 13(clean)
spider suplex
forearm to back (dirty) dropkick & school boy pin( clean)
turnbuckle smash
super back suplex
Groggy on ropes:
throw to rope
Rebound Attack:
dash knife edge chop
elbow drop 5
vaulting body press 2
Diving out of ring attack:
dive through ropes
Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
over castle (only for ROH) OVW: double axe handle
missle dropkick
Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
diving moonsault 2( only for ROH) OVW: diving elbow drop
diving leg drop
super star press pin( split legged-moonsault)(only for ROH) OVW: diving elbow
Running Stikes:
clothesline 9
shining wizard 3( only for ROH) OVW: shoulder block 2
Running Grapple:
neckbreaker 1
back rolling 3
Rear Techniques:
school boy pin 2
neckbreaker 12
Running ground attack:
double axe handle 5
elbow drop 5

Counter Attack:
tilit a whirl sideslam 2
Back body drop 1
arm lock 1

OVW Finishers(shoulderlock aka anacada vice & step up ezuigirl) ROH Finisher (super tigerbomb aka replacement for his top rope pedigree)

Signature Moves:
u decide

Chair Finishers:
Combination Attack:
slap 1
slap 1( horizontally)
back chop 2
(That is his new combo he's been using in OVW)

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