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Cyber Sunday (Smackdown)


Cyber Sunday Poll  

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  1. 1. WWE Title: Angle vs Benoit

    • Ironman
    • Ultimate Submission
    • Lastman Standing
  2. 2. Million Dollar Title: JBL

    • Flair
    • Rhodes
    • Piper
  3. 3. US Title: Eddie vs ?

    • Carlito
    • Super Dragon
    • Kennedy
    • Finlay
    • Jeff Hardy

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Hey, I Had this idea off a few people who i seen this do last year and previously someone posted one up which reminded me since i've wanted to do one for a while.. In true Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday style the fans get to vote.. my titles are always changing to random people so i thought i'd let you have an influence on who will be the next champs.. every match will either be for a title or have the option to be for a title.. both shows will be involved, since you can only have three polls in one topic, there will be two topics i will post the second half of the show up here and then post the results of the full show tomorrow.. this is only for a bit of fun.. i quickly chucked the matches together so don't go saying how someone shouldn't be fighting for a certain title etc.. Anyway, Please vote :)! The fourth match of each half will be fixed, to vote for the second half of the matches click [url="http://caws.ws/forum/index.php?showtopic=62443"]here[/url], thanks.

The fixed match for the first half is

Cruiserweight Title: Psicosis vs Super Crazy (Cage Match) Loser leaves Filthy Animals.

Vote! :)
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