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N7 Joseph Shepard

JosephCAW's Freddy Kruger CAW

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I saw this caw from svr06 so i decided to make re-make him for 07, problem is i saw it who knows how long ago and did it right off the top of my head lol, the other problem with that is i want to give the original creator his/her credit. So you created this caw for svr06 plz let me know and have some kind of proof and ill give your credit, untill then im leaveing it as made by me


Page 1:

Name: Freddy Kruger
HUD: Kruger
NickName: Nightmare Warrior
NickName Placement: up to you
Announcer Introduction: The Freak
HomeTown: Parts UnKnown

Page 2:

Gender: Male
Weight Class: I put him at Heavyweight
Match Tactics: Dirty
Show: I put him on SmackDown!
Voice: voice-5
Match Speacialty: Hell in a Cell

Submit Application

Head Morphing:
Head: Default
Forehead: -100, 0, 0, 0

Face Morphing:

Eyebrows: -100, 100, 61, 100
Eyes: -38, 34, 46, 100, 28, 0, 8
Nose: 0, 100, 91, 34, 38, -64, 37, -100
Cheeks: Default
Mouth: all 0, Angle 31
Jaw: Default
Ears: Default
Skin Aging: 100

Face Parts:
Eyebrows: 1/54
Eyes: 7/8: x :-89 y: 100 Shade: -31
Hair: 50/50

all things for body default

Mask: 17/22: Pattern: 38/45, x: 92 y: 20 Shade: -13 Alpha: 100 **Entrance & Match**
Shoes: 1/29
Mens Clothes: 5/31: Stlye: Long Sleeves: Pattern: 38/45, x: 92 y: 20 Shade: -13 Alpha: 100
Gloves: Left Hand: 14/17: Brown
Men's Bottoms: 21/34: Style: (Pants not shorts) x: 43 y: -68 Shade: -65
Mens Clothes: 2/3: Pattern: 42/45: x: -100 y: 27 Shade: -47
Make Up: 41/65: x: 92 y: 20 Shade: 0 Alpha: 39 **entrance & match**
Hats: 9/10: click right once **Entrance & Cutscene**

Extra: Coat: 2/6 (make a dark light brown) **cutscene only**

Entrance Video:

CAW pics:

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not bad why is freddy in cutscenes not burnt ? Also I was wondering if you could show me the proper way to convert forms from 06-07 would help ALOT!

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in cutscence its him before he got burned from the first nightmare on elm street, converting 06 formulas is actually easy, its basicly the same formula just change the + and - and ofcoures the new forehead and head section

GAH!! i just traded my freddy online and its spreading like crazy lol ppl really want this caw lol

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[quote name='gabberisthesport' post='963091' date='Nov 29 2006, 09:38 PM']hay dude that freddy's pretty mad and yer he looks lie robert englund alot aswell..... Man when you said + - for svr 06 caws to convert over to svr07 what do you mean ???[/quote]


in svr06 in facemorphing: eyebrows: 90, 5, 48,5

in svr07 in facemorphing: eyebrows: -90, 5, -48, 5

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