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Original CAWs Guidelines.


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[b][center]CAWs.ws - Guidelines.[/b]

You've reached the CAWs.ws Original CAWs section of the forum.
Please use this board for posting and/or rating others Original (Made-up) CAWs for the game SVR07.

[*] You can NOT post links to Original CAW E-Feds or ANY other forum on these boards. If you do you will receive a warning and your post will be deleted ASAP.

[*] When replying in others topic's don't just say "Looks rubbish". If you're unsure of their CAW you [i][u]have[/u][/i] to try and help the member so that they can try and improve on it.

[*]Please do NOT post a topic explaining when you will post a CAW. Either post the CAW Images/Videos/Formulas, or not at all.

[*] Our [url="http://caws.ws/forum/index.php?act=boardrules"]board rules[/url] apply here also.
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