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Tom Rice

SD! vs RAW 2006 Updates

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[b]Wrestler CAWs[/b]
Alex Shelley 5, Randy Savage 6, Jody Fleisch, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, Bobby Roode, Nathan Jones, "Sweet" Stan Lane, Boogeyman 9, Shaggy 2 Dope, Owen Hart 5, Violent J, Dude Love, Christian 3, Paul Burchill 6, Goldberg 6, Freddie Blassie, Ludvig Borga, Marty Jannetty 2, Goldberg 7, Jeff Hardy 8, Prototype, Shawn Michaels 5, Shawn Michaels 6, Bill Alfonzo
[b]Diva CAWs[/b]
Stephanie McMahon 5, Nidia 2, Candice Michelle 7
[b]Non-Wrestler CAWs[/b]
Lisa Kudrow, Cillian Murphy, Matt Heafy, Jax (MK), Brody Dalle, Jodi Lyn O' Keefe, Johnny Christ, Rhona Mitra, Marv, Jack Skellington, The Tick, Solid Snake 2 (MGS3 Attire), Slim Thug, Don Vito Corelone, Clark Kent, Lionel Luther, Chloe Sullivan 2 (Witch Attire), Nick Lachey, Lana Lang 2 (Cat Attire), Eugene Levy, Chloe Sullivan 3 (Schoolgirl Attire), Eva Longoria, Leprachaun
[b]Original CAWs[/b]
Jesse Fitzgerald, Curtis Stone, Hell Demon, Fay Anderson, Seth Williams
Paul Burchill 5, Bryan Habana, Eric Young
Matt Hardy, Tatsumi Fujinani, Paul Burchill 4

[b][i]Enjoy! :-)[/i][/b]

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[quote]Tatsumi Fujinani[/quote]

I think it's spelled Tatsumi Fujinami...just something I noticed...I could be wrong, but I just recently renamed people in a Fire Pro Wrestling game, and I found his name spelled with an M...

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Sorry, I hadn't heard of Bill Alfonzo before, and he was submitted as a non-wrestler, I'll switch him over to wrestlers. Will fix the spelling on Tatsumi Fujinami thanks

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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