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SvR 06 VS SvR07

SvR06 vs SvR07  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. The Games

    • SvR06
    • SvR07
    • They Both Suck (WWF Attitude All The Way)

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I voted svr 06

my likes:caw mode incredible so many great chocies no many glichtes in 07 it was one of the best wreslting games ive played since No mercy imo sloid game wit a lot of new features and more moves

my dislikes:SEASON was just plain old boring it was to short,CAE the pryos were way off

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Pros for SVR 2007.
-Improved matches

-Improved Create An Entrance

-More parts to the CAW Mode

-More parts to Create A Championship

-New Control System


-Hot Spots and Environmental Grapples

-New Moves

-More titles in Exhibition mode

-Expanded Season Mode

-Expanded GM Mode

-Expanded Locker room
Cons for SVR 2007.
-The AI is just as bad as previous games SVR and SVR 2006

-Create An Entrance is flawed due to the following problems
1.)The music keeps on playing during the making of an entrance.
2.)Pyros,Camera angles,screen effects,and Name plate are set to button press only.
3.)The themes are not long enough.
4.)Having to watch each entrance move in the background instead of a quick preview like Create A Moveset offers for wrestling moves and taunts.
5.)Disappearing title belts in advanced entrance creation.
6.)Announcers announce certain hometowns once then announce the state again.
7.)Still unable to pick certain moves as a stage motion (Eddie's low rider,JBL's limo,Paul Burchill's rope swing.) in advanced creation

-CAW Mode is very limited in terms of what you can change colors of,clothes,stylizing,and a hell of a lot of parts were taken out of the designs.

-Still the same system where the championship is on a profile only and there is no set champion.

-The New control system turns 5 moves per grapple into 4.

-MITB is a cluster**** match. If you weaken up the briefcase and get knocked out then anyone can just grab it and win with no effort.

-The Environmental Grapples and Hot Spots are non selectable and happen when you don't want them to happen. (In most cases going for a corner 10 punch and ending up using either the rope burn or crotch rocker.)

-Many moves from SVR 2006 were removed to either make way for UCM's or just removed which is sad seeing as how most wrestling videogames just add more moves and not take them out.

-ECW is in full swing and three titles that never get mentioned lately in WWE are used(Million Dollar,Hardcore,and Smoking Skull) instead of having an ECW World Title,ECW TV Title,and ECW Tag Team Titles.

-Season mode gets repetitive.

-Expanded GM Mode still doesn't mean cutscenes to complement the storylines or diva bikini contests.

-Expanded Locker room is just a waste of space since all you do there is play season mode,decorate it,and access challenges. Other than that there is no function to the amenities(Bar,couch,TV,any of the items you have.) also Locker room would be better if the first person view was gone and replaced with a 3rd person view where you pick a character and roam around your locker room like you would in a match.

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The glitches in 07 don't effect gameplay. The new crowd sounds , fighting grunts and environmental hotspots make matches more better. Yeah i know caw doesn't have many items but it really isn't that bad. A Good person can find away around it.

I voted 07!

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SvR 2007 has a way improved roster and match types and a lot of great hotspots so I went with that game but I had more fun doing stuff like GM Mode on SvR 2006 and I was actually more hyped for SvR 2006 because the way how SvR just sucked but SvR 2007 is great thats what got my vote. But SvR 2006 is great as well.

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SvR2007 wrestling wise, is levels below SvR2006. In SvR2006, you actually get a good match length, unlike, SvR2007, where beating an opponent in 2 minutes is totally possible(even with the sliders tweaked to slow the pace down too, trust me, I tried). And don't even bother throwing the excuse of "but SvR2007's trying to emulate Smackdown's current "Beat the Clock sprint pace!". CAW wise, SvR2006 is better than SvR2007... much better.

But the moveset this year? ATROCIOUS. Smackdown vs Raw was the last game in the series with a smorgasboard of moves from all forms of wrestling (WWE, Puro, Indy), and important thing about a wrestling video game, those moves had IMPACT. Fast forward to SvR2006, Yuke's not only reanimated many moves that looked even slower, crappier, and had softer landing, but in SvR2007, the moveset was cut down even more. We have 4 of the exact same Pendulum Backbreakers. (Backbreaker 1, a stalling version of Backbreaker 1, Sidebuster, and the behind grapple of the Pendulum Backbreaker). What about the standing double hand chokeslam? Out of 4, we don't even have a sitout version. (Batista Lifting & Toss, Kane Lifting & Toss, Choke 1(I think), and one in UCM). Many many more could be said, but those are prime examples. Even though CAE and Season mode was an improvement, many aspects of SvR2007 are not.

In the end, SvR2007 is crap.

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I chose 06 cause you can do any special move on the tables
I dont mind the glitches in 07, but the special moves on the table got me mad when i found out you couldnt do it on 07 :poke:

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