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WWE 2K24: Finish Your Story (Official Info/Discussion Thread)

Jeb ★

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41 minutes ago, Golden Boy® said:

All the moves



Nemesis got most of it. Still an underwhelming bunch of moves but I’ll take all i can get in a given year.

38 minutes ago, Golden Boy® said:

Brief look at CAW mode



The new hairstyles are exciting. Just wish there were more. Every ingame model’s hairstyle should be made available in caw mode imo. Still, atleast it’s something.

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Dunno if I'm the only one who's noticed this but the cross Rhodes trinity appears to suffer from the same animation error as the standing black mass. The pin combo shifts unnaturally in position once the canned animation finishes.

Also REALLY worried that they didn't bother to fix running springboard finisher distances.

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16 minutes ago, BestInTheWorld614 said:

Really hope the MyRise original characters are unlockable in the rest of the game. Gives the roster more variety without have to use CAW slots when Status uploads them

I think it has been confirmed that they are

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For anyone wanting to check out the new moves, The101 did a really good job because he shows both the Pin Combo and Non-Pinning versions as well as some of the Freeze Payback animations (it seems some older taunts can be used as Freeze Payback animations too but since it only shows new animations we can't see what the old ones are; I assume Doink and Harley Race's taunts from 22/23 are probably in there and something that would work for Kane and Undertaker)



SmackTalks also uploaded his Male CAW Mode Preview. Looks like about 10 new Hairstyles. Just like the Women, still no Body Morphing :(



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2 hours ago, BestInTheWorld614 said:

Really hope the MyRise original characters are unlockable in the rest of the game. Gives the roster more variety without have to use CAW slots when Status uploads them

They will be unlockable from what was said in the 2K24 press release.

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CAW mode still seems like it hasn't had many updates it desperately needs, because god *censored*ing forbid this company update one of its most important and popular modes beyond the bare goddamned minimum.

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1 hour ago, glennsoe said:

Any highlights from the moves videos?

Csn't see videos for quite a while, but I understand that the hidden blade nor the coffin drop are in..

There's a couple good substitutes for the Hidden Blade. I wish they'd given Shotzi a Coffin Drop, or a springboard one atleast, but I guess it was not to be..

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WWE 2K24 New Moves List:

New Signatures & Finishers

Apron DDT 2
Arm Wrench Chokeslam
Asuka Lock 3
Asuka Lock 4
Avalanche Front Slam
Avalanche German Suplex 2
Avalanche Manhandle Slam
Avalanche Phanton Driver
Avalanche Riptide
Avalanche White Noise
Backbreaker/Ripcord Lariat
Better End
Body Block & Elbow Drop
Buckle Bomb 1
Butterfly Backbreaker 2
Canadian Rack DDT 2
Catepillar 2
Chase U Elbow Stamp
Cliffhanger DDT
Coast to Coast 5
Cornered Crossbody
Cornered Kross Combination
Cross Rhodes Trinity
Crowning Glory 2
Crucifix Bomb
Cyclone Suplex 1
Cyclone Suplex 2
Cyclone Suplex 3
Double Chickenwing 1
Double Chickenwing 2
Double Chickenwing 3
Double Jump Blockbuster 1
Double Jump Blockbuster 2
Double Spring Crossbody
Fallaway Slam 5
Final Prayer
Fireman's Carry Legdrop
First 48
Flip Senton 2
Float-Over Uranage
Flying Polish Hammer
Front Facelock Superplex
Front Handspring Clothesline
Glasgow Sendoff 1
Glasgow Sendoff 2
Gourdbuster 1
H-Bomb 1
H-Bomb 2
Handspring Kardiac Kick
Headlock Throat Thrust (DLC)
Heat Seeker DDT
High Justice
Jab/Double Puncho Combo (DLC)
Kross Hammer
Limit Break
Middle Rope Pointed Elbow
Overhand Chop/Butterfly Suplex
Overhead Belly-to-Belly 7
Poison 'Rana
Pop-Up 'Rana
Pop-Up Reverse Powerslam
Pop-Up Uppercut
Rapid Bionic Elbows (DLC)
Rear Basement Forearm Smash
Reverse Powerbomb
Reverse Splash/Exploder Suplex
Ripcord Flatliner
Running Bionic Elbow 2
Seated Spinning Back Heel Kick
Sit-Out Axe Driver
Slingshot Suplex
Sole Butt & Uppercut
Southpaw Cross
Southpaw Lariat
Stacked Knee Drop
Step-Up Senton
Super H-Bomb 1
Super Stomp
The Megastar's Elbow
Tilt-A-Whirl Facebuster 1
Tilt-A-Whirl Legdrop
Tornado DDT 4
Tornado Enzuigiri 1
Trick Knee
Twisting Facebuster
Victory Roll Superkick
Wes-Side Combo

- Springboards

Sliding Duicide Dive
Slingshot Lariat 3

- Announce Table Finishers

Better End
Final Prayer
High Justice

- New Tag Team Moves

Electric Chair Blockbuster
Fireman's Carry Knee Strike 1
Fireman's Carry Knee Strike 2
Gory Flatliner
The Revelation
Ride The Lightning
Sidewalk Slam/Diving Elbow Drop
Sliding Dropkick/Tope Atomico
Tarantula/Superkick Combo

- New Taunts

Billy Graham 2
Bronson Reed 1
Bronson Reed 2
Bronson Reed 3
Dominik Mysterio 2
Fallon Henley 1
Fallon Henley 2
Finn Balor 7
Grayson Waller 1
Grayson Waller 2
Ilja Dragunov 4
Joe Coffey 1
Kayden Carter 1
LA Knight 2
LA Knight 3
Logan Paul 1
Logan Paul 2
Logan Paul 3
Montez Ford 6
Nikki Cross 1
Nikki Cross 2
Ricochet 2
Sanga 1
Sanga 2
Sanga 3
Tegan Nox 1
Tegan Nox 2
Thea Hail 1
Trish Stratus 2
Trish Stratus 3

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